Throwing us back to the present day, Joel and Ellie finally reach Bill and Frank’s estate, only to find it unattended. Joel’s fear is realized when Ellie finds a letter from Bill sitting next to the spoiled remnants of his and Frank’s last meal. “That’s why men like you and me are here,” writes Bill, who even in his last moments shows some respect for Joel.”We have a job to do and God help any motherf****** who stands in our way.” He leaves guns for Joel to protect Tess, and while that’s a lost cause, Ellie will surely need them for the future. However, the journey is long, but thankfully, they now have a ride to take it in.

As saddening as it is to see Bill and Frank’s story ending, getting back on the road with Joel and Ellie is a reminder that their relationship is just starting to develop. Stocked, locked, and ready to rock, they hop in Bill’s truck, which Ellie is amazed by. She compares it to a spaceship when asked if she’d never been in a car before. It’s a fitting description, given that in “The Last of Us Part II,” the two break into a science museum, with Ellie getting into a shuttle and dreaming of going into space. If that moment makes it into the adaptation, it probably won’t come until the recently announced Season 2. For now, though, hit it, Linda Rondstadt.

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