The Way Home Season 2 Premiere Date Confirmed By Hallmark


Hallmark didn’t waste any time getting more “The Way Home” into production. Season 1 premiered on January 15, 2023, and pretty much exactly one year later, Season 2 will come out. Hallmark renewed the series in March, and it sounds like the team is incredibly pleased with the reception.

The executive vice president of programming at Hallmark Media, Lisa Hamilton Daly, commented on what a pleasant surprise “The Way Home” Season 1 was: “The hard work of our talented writers, cast and entire crew gave viewers a compelling family drama they instantly became invested in and created a passionate fan base that grew with each and every episode.” 

Senior vice president of development Laurie Ferneau also put out a statement: “We all fell in love with the Landry women and their complex, emotional story and are thrilled that it resonated so strongly with viewers. We can’t wait for fans to continue this journey, which is filled with more heartfelt drama, emotion and mystery. Season two does not disappoint.”

Science proves why people love Hallmark holiday movies so much, and now, there’s another reason for people to tune in to the network. If you need a good cry with a sprinkle of time-traveling shenanigans, “The Way Home” is for you.

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