The Worst Hallmark Christmas Movie Tropes Destroyed In 30 Seconds


The best Hallmark Christmas movies of all time still manage to squeeze a lot of entertainment into the tried-and-true formula. From solid performances to innovative plots, there’s a reason why people continue coming back to these films annually, even if they get a tad predictable. But people enjoy the Hallmark takedown, and it makes many want to see a feature-length version.

The comments are filled with people who want to see more Hallmark parodies, such as one person writing, “[I’m] shocked Netflix hasn’t made an anti-hallmark movie with this concept.” Others chimed in with Hallmark movie tropes they’ve noticed, such as everyone having a well-behaved golden retriever. 

While the formula has gotten played out by this point, don’t expect Hallmark to change its ways any time soon. While it would be great to make a Hallmark movie with horror icons like Elvira and Bruce Campbell, the channel seems to know what it’s doing. People turn to these movies for comfort during the holiday season, and Hallmark knows how to keep the good times rolling. But for the more cynical variety, there are ample Hallmark parodies, too, outside of the TikTok video. In a cut-for-time sketch on “Saturday Night Live,” the tropes are also skewered, including how fast these proposals come in. Maybe the channel could switch things up a little and at least have them stay as friends for a while. 

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