These 6 Minor Characters Had The Most Depressing Endings


There were very few characters killed off in “Friends” (Rest in Peace, Mr. Heckles), but the death of Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) boss, Joanna (Allison La Placa), is one that impacts one of the friends directly. After already enduring a complicated work relationship thanks to Chandler’s brief thing that saw him locked in her office, Joanna causes interference for Rachel by blocking her from a job she was after. Eventually, the two settle the issue, with Joanna offering Rachel a higher position, which she was close to getting had it not been for Joanna being hit by a car and killed.

Could there be anything worse than a character being killed off? Well, what about Rachel being more concerned about whether Joanna had pushed the promotion through before her death or the fact that Rachel’s colleague Sophie (Laura Dean), having taken the brunt of Joanna’s abuse at work, returns the following day with a spring in her step upon hearing the news? We get it. She wasn’t that great from time to time, but surely Joanna’s passing could’ve been given a little more respect (even if she was such a big dull dud).

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