As “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” begins its run on the silver screen, the vast majority of fans have already taken to social media the sing the film’s praises.

“This is the best Spiderman movie. This is the best animated movie. This is the best movie. This is a work of art that flew by and I want to watch this again a million times,” tweeted @skye_farer. After calling it their pick for best movie of the year, @BlackKingsman2 highlighted the sheer artistry of the feature by assessing every single frame as a “masterpiece.” As for @godofironart, they were left near-speechless over the sequel’s quality. @alex208954 admitted that it surpassed their expectations and even overtook its predecessor in their eyes.

@jix0w gave “Across the Spider-Verse” incredibly high marks, commenting, “across the spiderverse just embarrasses every other [comic book movie],” while @CallumAltimas gave Oscar Isaac a shout-out for his voice acting work as Spider-Man 2099. @nikethegawdess is in the same boat as many other fans in the sense that even though they just saw it for the first time, they’re already up for another “Across the Spider-Verse” screening. It would be wise to prepare for a wild ending, according to @jessnirvanapoet‘s tweet: “THAT ENDING I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME.”

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