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Unexpected alum Hailey ‘2’ Tilford shared a breakup post. However, her followers were not super impressed with the content that she shared. What were their reactions and what exactly did she post? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Fans React To Hailey ‘2’ Tilford’s Breakup Post

Hailey Tilford aka Hailey 2 is going through a breakup right now. She decided to share this information on her social media platforms. In a TikTok video, she starts out lip-synching, looking sad and undone. However, as the video flips, the music changes as does her look and she is glammed up. Hailey Tilford added this video on her Instagram and wrote this next to it: “That break up SAVED ME 😌🌷.” It is unclear what breakup she is talking about but clearly, she is now a changed woman thanks to it.

@haileymariee94 Suck at transitions but that break up saved me 😍😍 #healingjourney ♬ heartless kanye west the weeknd – erik

Fans and followers were quick to jump on the former Unexpected star and leave her harsh comments. “bby u jus put makeup on,” one fan wrote. Another added: “maybe u shouldn’t have slept with ur best friends man & karma wouldn’t have hit u so hard 🤷🏼‍♀️.” That was a direct attack on Hailey Tilford’s brief time on Unexpected. She was best friends with Hailey ‘1’ Tomlinson who was pregnant by Matthew Blevins’ baby. The two were trying to make their teen relationship work. Yet, Hailey ‘2’ was messaging with Matt behind her BFF’s back, sometimes in front of her. By the time they appeared on the tell-all, Hailey ‘2’ was pregnant with Matthew’s second baby.

Hailey Tilford/IG
[Credit: Instagram]

In any case, she is still clearly struggling to live that situation down. Yet, there were some followers on both IG and TT who still think that Hailey shines. They were impressed with her glow-up and had nothing but compliments for the young mom. Several actually told her that she was “glowing” with one fan calling her a “Baddie as always 😍😍.” So, it seems that, though she may have made some teenage mistakes, fans have watched her grow up and like to see her story.

Hailey ‘1’ & Matthew Now

So, Hailey ‘2’ Tilford is experiencing a breakup but she did ultimately reconcile somewhat with Hailey ‘1’ Tomlinson. The Unexpected starts bonded over the fact that Matthew was a deadbeat dad. As for Hailey ‘1’ and her life, she was in a stable relationship with Darren Amos who stepped up as a dad for her daughter. They did end up breaking up for a short period but quickly came back together and seem happier than ever. Matthew Blevins got into some legal trouble recently. Hopefully, these girls learned their lesson and are staying away from him in any romantic sense.

What do you think of Hailey ‘2’ making a breakup video? Did it irk you or did you find it fun? Let us know and stay with TV Shows Ace for more on the upcoming Season 6 of Unexpected.

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