Who Are Star Trek’s Lanthanites & Are They Really Immortal?


Morality is a relevant theme in “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” From the onset, one of the Enterprise’s best captains is painfully aware of his future. After seeing a vision of his death 10 years in the future, Captain Pike (Anson Mount) struggles with his ability to lead his ship. These themes continue with the death of Hemmer and the appearance of Pelia. Contrary to the shortened lifespan of Earth-based humans, Pelia is thousands of years old. But that doesn’t make her — or the rest of the Lanthanites — immortal. Immortality implies not being able to be killed, and Pelia doesn’t appear to fit that definition.

By telling Spock that she can live basically forever it seems that Lanthanites only have an extended lifespan. As any red shirt can tell you, dying on Star Trek is likely. Any time someone in a red uniform lands on a planet’s surface, they are the most likely to perish. And perhaps that is what Pelia finds so attractive about her newfound position as chief engineer. Now, out of the safety of the classroom, she can be free to live an exciting life. Being aboard the Enterprise means that every day is an adventure, and every mission offers certain dangers. This reality could be refreshing for a character who has lived thousands of years with no reprieve.

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