After Phoebe reveals to Dex that she took on the identity of a person named Julie Bennett (Monica Allgeier), they get an annulment. This breakup is another romantic blow to Phoebe, who can’t seem to hold a steady relationship without some form of drama. In response, the Elders send Coop to Earth, hoping he can use his Cupid magic to help Phoebe find love. 

Coop attempts to manipulate Phoebe into falling in love with various men, including Michael (Ron Melendez). However, as Coop and Phoebe grow closer, they develop feelings for one another. Because Cupids are forbidden from forming such relationships with humans, they are forced to keep their love hidden. Though they eventually share a kiss, Phoebe is afraid of getting hurt, and Coop respects her decision, though he wants to fight for them. 

The Elders decide to let them be together when Coop gives Piper (Combs) his ring to go back in time and save Phoebe and Paige (McGowan) after they are killed. Coop and Phoebe are unaware of this decision until they meet their future nephews. This allows Phoebe to accept her true feelings and they are eventually married. It is revealed in the extended “Charmed” universe that they have three children. 

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