Who Is The VTAMA Commercial Actress?


Tammy-Anne Fortuin may not be a household name at this point, but that could easily change as her career skyrockets. Being the VTAMA commercial actress undoubtedly got her plenty of nationwide exposure, but she’s making waves in the industry. Her IMDb bio mentions how she studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and graduated from the Acting Conservatory at the same college in New York. From there, she began acting, writing, directing, and producing her own short films to great acclaim.

Her resume is filled with stories in a variety of genres, which is no accident. When speaking with Absolutely Anything, Fortuin had to think about what types of projects she’s drawn to. “I like to think I gravitate to drama,” she said. “But I just always end up with comedy because I feel like the key to great drama is the comedic moments. You know, somehow I always end up with dirty comedies about badly behaved women showing up at your door.”

Fortuin has plenty of roles in the works. In that same interview, she mentions working on an indie romantic-comedy called “How to Make Her Cheat.” Plenty of big-name actors got their start in commercials, and Fortuin could very easily be the next one. 

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