Why Robert Pattinson Was Never The Same After Twilight


For every fan of the “Twilight” franchise, there appeared to be an equal and opposite force of detractors. Of course, this phenomenon of criticism and backlash isn’t exclusive to “The Twilight Saga,” as anything considered mainstream or popular is bound to become a target for ridicule. Despite box office success and an adoring fanbase, the “Twilight” movies were met with unfavorable reviews upon their release. While some criticisms, such as poor dialogue, questionable romance, and inadequate Indigenous representation, were undoubtedly valid, it is now evident in hindsight that the lead actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, unfairly carried the bulk of the burden as the faces of the franchise.

Unfortunately, this level of disapproval from the public contributed to Pattinson’s perception of himself as an actor. “In a lot of ways, people have decided what ‘Twilight’ is about before they’ve even thought about it, and then they’ve labeled us, the actors, as part of whatever that may be,” Pattinson told The Daily Beast. Despite acknowledging that the experience improved his acting skills, Pattinson revealed that the reviews only intensified as the franchise advanced. “I don’t know who I am as an actor,” he said. “I’ve found that the ‘Twilight’ movies were probably the hardest jobs I’ve done.” Over the years, however, the perception of “The Twilight Saga” has undergone a significant transformation, recently earning it the status of a cult classic.

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