Though “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” works just fine on its own, it does tease more. The introduction of Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix), the League’s staredown with Darkseid (Ray Porter), and a future scene of Batman (Ben Affleck), Joker (Jared Leto), and other DC names wandering a desolate Earth under Darkseid’s control all point to plans for another movie or two. Upon seeing these scenes, those already interested in the continuation of the Snyderverse ramped up their online campaigning for more “Justice League” movies. Adding fuel to the fire, Snyder shared what he had in mind for the second and third films.

The director unveiled the broad strokes of the “Justice League: Part II” and “Justice League: Part III” narrative during a chat with Vanity Fair. As Snyder tells it, Darkseid kills Lois Lane (Amy Adams), corrupts Superman (Henry Cavill), and takes over Earth. The Justice League crumbles, and its few surviving members, as well as other heroes and villains, have to figure out a way to stop him. The Flash (Ezra Miller) uses his speed to traverse time, prompting past Batman to sacrifice himself to save Lois’ life. And in the end, it comes to light that Lois had a son with Superman somewhere along the line. Suffice it to say, Snyder’s “Justice League” trilogy would’ve been immensely ambitious and a sight to behold. 

Unfortunately for those hoping to see them, it’s unlikely the second and third “Justice League” films will ever see the light of day. The director has moved on from DC and, evidently, Warner Bros. executives aren’t too keen on stepping back into his unique take on the superhero world.

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