“It’s great seeing Hugh Jackman finally suited up as Wolverine in the classic X-men suit but it’ll be pointless if he doesn’t wear the cowl,” tweeted @arecesalejandro, mirroring comments made by other “X-Men” fans.

Wolverine’s mask, with its tall fins that mirror his double-ax hairdo, is one of the most distinctive in all of comics. But it’s not difficult to see why it hasn’t been used in any of the character’s live-action appearances. As cool as it looks on the page, it’s tough to imagine it not looking silly in live-action, which has a completely different set of aesthetic values for superhero costumes. But, we seem to be moving in a direction of more comics-accurate costumes with bright colors and fashion flourishes that wouldn’t have been an option in a less superhero-saturated environment.

“Deadpool 3” will likely be a multiversal adventure with many different versions of Wolverine and other characters, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing Jackman in a variety of different Wolverine costumes. Including, hopefully, one with his signature mask, even if it’s only used for a brief throwaway gag.

Twitter user @yugiohtas even has an idea for one: “There needs to be a running gag of Hugh Jackman Wolverine constantly taking his Wolverine mask off at the start of every scene. Like, to the point that he’ll take one off in one shot, and then suddenly he’ll be wearing it again in the next shot and he takes it off again, etc.”

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