The Most-Seen Legal Claims You Should Know About

Get insight into “The Most-Seen Legal Claims You Should Know About” Legal claims are never something taken lightly, but they’re more common than you might think. All sorts of scenarios can call for legal action to be taken, particularly if another’s action or inaction leads to an injustice against a person. 

As with many unfortunate events that can befall a person, while they might be rare, not being prepared for those moments can lead to much longer roads to recovery, whether that’s financially, physically, or mentally. Some of the most common legal claims are the results of everyday incidents, and the need for clarity on what legal actions you can take is invaluable knowledge for life.

Personal Injury Claims

Injury claims fall under what’s known as ‘tort law’ and can take many forms which is why they are some of the most common claims we see. They tend to be influenced by a lot of external factors. In the summer months, road accidents involving bikes increase, while you might see more workplace accidents during autumn or winter months when weather and visibility can be worse.

At the center of personal injury claims is the need to prove negligence. If you’ve been involved in an incident that resulted in an injury that impacts your quality of life or your ability to earn a living, usually the claim is handled by both parties’ insurers. However, for your part, proactivity is key to expediting and improving your chances of a claim. Medical documentation is vital to proving injury, especially if you’re suffering mental trauma. If the case you raise is strong and supported by a lot of circumstantial evidence, medical documents, and witness testimony, personal injury claims are typically much more likely to be settled outside of court, with only 5% of claims ever reaching a courtroom on average.

Contractual Disputes

When you join a company, signing an employment contract is usually the first legal step taken to confirm your new position, and attempt to consolidate a company’s position of security if a dispute arises. However, unreasonable dismissal or being treated unfairly can often lead to disputes between employer and employee, where the need to negotiate and break down evidence is necessary. In these cases, it’s imperative to be patient and build a strong support network around yourself.

Companies often hire experienced legal teams, sometimes keeping them in-house. This shouldn’t detract you from raising a dispute if you have reasonable grounds but do plenty of research into the firm you choose, and be very transparent throughout the process with your lawyer.

The Most-Seen Legal Claims You Should Know About
The Most-Seen Legal Claims You Should Know About | Image Source: Unsplash

Housing Disrepair

When a place of residence is no longer fit or safe to be lived in and is managed by a landlord, local council, or housing association, you are not responsible for ensuring its repair. If the manager of your home has allowed it to fall into a state of disrepair, they have breached their contract with you, and you have grounds to take legal action. Some very common issues can include water damage, mold, lack of heating or damaged windows and doors are all considered unacceptable and often need to be repaired within weeks in many countries. Often the fear is losing access to the home by raising a claim against a resistant owner, however, this is why it’s vital to seek legal advice prior to claiming. In many cases, you legally cannot be evicted if you have an open claim against the owner.

The key reason people don’t raise claims is due to feeling intimidated, fear of losing a claim, or lack of resources and time. This is why finding great legal representation is so useful. In trying times, when your priorities are often on recovery from injury or finding new housing and employment, a lawyer will enable you to give yourself a fighting chance of securing compensation and justice, without the pressure of fighting your case alone.