3 Interesting Facts About Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts Revealed

Let’s look at ”3 Interesting Facts About Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts Revealed” American linebacker Seth Joyner is married to his wife Kendra Butts, who owns the infamous Divine9s. They are parents to two kids.

Joyner is a retired football linebacker. He played in the National Football League for almost 12 seasons with teams like Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, and Green Bay Packers. In 1998, he retired from the sports ending his career with the Denver Broncos.

Seth joyner Wife Kendra Butts: Married Life & Kids in 2022

He is one of many people who have been part of the 20/20 Club for sacks and interceptions in NFL history. With 52 sacks, he is second only to Ted Hendricks (60.5). After retirement, the footballer pursued his career as an analyst. He appears with FS1 and on Eagles Pregame.

3 Interesting Facts About Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts Revealed

In recent years, Seth Joyner has run his show titled, The Seth Joyner Show on Youtube.

Besides Joyner, his wife is also very successful in her profession. So naturally, many are eager to know more about his married life.

1. Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts Is The Owner Of Divine9s

Kendra Butts is not only the wife of Seth Joyner but also a businesswoman. She runs the infamous menswear clothing line called Divine9s.

Her business, Divine9s, is a clothing brand that provides suits, shirts, golf pants, and other men’s wear. It does business primarily online via the Instagram handle @divine9s. Interestingly, Butts has also kept stylish photos of her husband to show the products.

Kendra gives off the appearance of being a menswear pioneer as she designs a lot for her husband. However, she is typically underrepresented in the media. She is, by all accounts, somewhat private and dislikes giving the world many details about herself.

Even though Butt’s exact birthdate has not yet been made public, her appearance suggests that she is in her early thirties. As one of Joyner’s tweets told, her birthday is celebrated on November 15. She has a significant age gap with Joyner, who turned 58.

She has a lot of photos of herself and her husband traveling, indicating that she likes to do so and demonstrating her capacity for assistance. In addition, she has a strong love for her husband and her family.

2. Seth Joyner And His Wife Kendra Butts Have Two Children

Seth Joyner and his wife, Kendra Butts, are the parents of two kids, son Tobias Ajani and daughter Jasmine.

Tobias is 20 years old as he was described as nine years old in a 2011 article. He has grown into a handsome young man who is likely to follow his mother’s path rather than his dad’s.

While the lovely daughter of Joyner, Jasmine, turned 34 years old this year on September 8, 2022, as suggested by Joyner’s tweet.

Kendra has also published a photo of herself with her cute nephew but hasn’t added his name to any images. Nevertheless, it appears that Seth and Kendra are close with their family.

3. Seth Joyner’s Wife Is A Social Butterfly

Seth Joyner’s wife, Kendra Butts, is active on Instagram with her handle name @kendrabutts. She has shared a lot of her family memories on her profile.

Butts recently wished her husband a happy birthday. She had shared a series of photos with Joyner, in one of which the former linebacker was seen holding his birthday cake.

Butts wrote as her caption: ” Happy Birthday, my Love! I love you & I’m so very proud of you and all the great things happening with your career. You have certainly put in the hard work, and it shows.”

“Cheers to you, our fiery love & passion, more travel adventures, and lots of laughs. I hope today you felt as special and as loved as you are! God’s gift to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

Similarly, Butt’s IG profile revealed that the family Joyner travels a lot in their spare time. For example, they traveled to Saint Helena, California, last month. – 3 Untold Facts About Seth Joyner Wife Kendra Butts | Home 

Seth Joyner Net Worth And Salary

Seth Joyner’s total assets is assessed at around $5 million starting around 2022. His each day compensation is thought to be near $ 6,00,000; notwithstanding, he hasn’t talked anything about it yet.

He played linebacker in American football for the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, and Denver Broncos in the National Football League. Joyner went to the University of Texas at El Paso and played school football subsequent to moving on from Spring Valley High School.

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