Are Michelle Dee And Winwyn Marquez Related? Family Tree

Find out “Are Michelle Dee And Winwyn Marquez Related?” Two Dynamic Beauty Queens, United by Talent and Family Ties. Get ready to be captivated by the connection between these two ladies who have conquered the world of beauty pageants.

A Filipino actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder, Michelle Dee was born on April 24, 1995.

As Miss Universe Philippines 2023, she will represent the Philippines at Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador.

She was previously Miss World Philippines 2019 and finished in the Top 12 at Miss World 2019.

The Filipino actress, model, dancer, and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez was born on May 4, 1992.

The first ever Filipina Reina Hispanoamericana to represent the Philippines in the Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant, Marquez won the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 title in Bolivia.

Are Michelle Dee And Winwyn Marquez Related?

In addition to being maternal cousins, Michelle Dee and Winwyn Marquez share a close relationship.

In 2017, Winwyn, an accomplished actress and beauty queen, was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana.

Michelle’s representation at the Miss World 2019 coronation in London was greatly appreciated by her mother.

Winwyn praised Michelle on social media for her outstanding performance and emphasized how well she showcased beauty and intelligence.

Winwyn Marquez shares a picture with Michelle Dee on her social media. (Source: Instagram)

Although Michelle made it to the Top 12 pageant, she, unfortunately, missed securing a spot in the coveted Top 5.

Winwyn had participated in Miss World 2017, where she triumphed as the Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas before becoming the first-ever Reina Hispanoamericana globally.

These talented cousins’ mutual support and admiration highlight their shared journey in beauty pageants, serving as a testament to their family’s legacy in the industry and their close bond.

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Michelle Dee And Winwyn Marquez Family Tree

Michelle Dee comes from a distinguished family with notable connections in various fields.

Her parents are Frederick “Derek” Dee, a businessman, film producer, and former actor, and Melanie Marquez, an actress, author, former supermodel, and beauty queen who won Miss International in 1979.

Michelle’s paternal grandfather’s brother is Dee C. Chuan, the founder of the Philippines’ Chinabank, and her paternal grandmother is Regina Y. Dee, an heiress and philanthropist.

Michelle has one sister, Maxine, and four maternal half-siblings.

Michelle Dee Related To
Michelle Dee with her family at the coronation night of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. (Source: Phil Star Life)

Additionally, she has a maternal cousin, Winwyn Marquez, an actress and beauty queen crowned Reina Hispanoamericana in 2017.

Winwyn Marquez, daughter of actor-politician Joey Marquez and actress-politician Alma Moreno, has established herself as a dancer and actress.

She is the half-sister of Mark Anthony Fernández and Vandolph Quizon and the niece of Melanie Marquez.

Winwyn is also a cousin of Michelle Marquez Dee, who was Miss World Philippines 2019 and Miss Universe Philippines 2023.

The family tree of Michelle Dee and Winwyn Marquez showcases their prominent lineage in the entertainment industry and their connections to renowned figures in their respective fields.

Michelle Dee And Winwyn Marquez Net Worth Difference

Available information shows Michelle Dee has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.

This talented actress has accumulated wealth through her appearances in Philippine television dramas and films and her involvement in beauty pageants and brand endorsements.

Michelle maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, with over 186k followers, and Twitter, with more than 6.6k followers.

As for Winwyn Marquez, her net worth is around $3 million.

Michelle Dee Related To
Winwyn Marquez alongside her husband and daughter. (Source: Push)

Winwyn is a multi-talented individual, working as an actress, dancer, model, and beauty queen.

She gained recognition by winning the Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas title in the Miss World Philippines 2017 pageant.

With her diverse skills and accomplishments, Winwyn has built a successful career, contributing to her net worth.

It’s important to note that net worth figures can vary over time and are subject to change based on various factors, including career ventures, investments, and financial management.

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