Blueface Sparks Debate After Shading Black Single Mothers

Find out “Blueface Sparks Debate After Shading Black Single Mothers” Blueface is getting criticism for his statement about black women who are single mothers.

The Los Angeles rapper has mastered the art of staying relevant in online discussions. After getting into it with Soulja Boy and his baby mother, Chrisean Rock, before Christmas, Blueface again sparked outrage over a tweet about black women in which he included his mother, Karlissa Saffold.

“All black women would choose to be single moms on government assistance over any man that’s been scientifically proven before Blueface don’t blame me,” he tweeted.

Blueface Sparks Debate After Shading Black Single Mothers

Blueface also brags about buying a 4-story house for his baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis. “My Bm got a 4 story house with an elevator for Christmas what did your BD get you,” he tweeted before adding, “Bunch of single Bm’s with no Christmas gift sounds miserable should have just got a dog b**ch at least he would have watched him self.”

Women are now sounding off about the “Thotiana” rapper’s tweet, with a lot of them saying they would rather be a single mother on government assistance than to be his baby mother. “Ohh see this is why he was in his feelings. Any rational woman Black, white, or brown would rather be a single mother than deal with him and that thought hurt him to his core,” one woman wrote.

Blueface Sparks Debate After Shading Black Single Mothers
Blueface Sparks Debate After Shading Black Single Mothers

Blueface also has some legal troubles on his hands following some crude comment about Soulja Boy’s baby mother.

Soulja Boy’s baby momma is suing Blueface after he alleged that he had sex with her just before her baby shower.

Blueface started beefing with Soulja Boy last week in which he claimed that his private part was bigger than the “Crank That” rapper and that he had slept with his baby momma as a way to one-up the rapper in an argument.

It seems that the baby momma, Jackilyn Martinez, is not taking to the internet to clear things as has become common with celebrities. Still, she’s taking the rapper to court for defamation of character.

According to TMZ, some of the tweets Blueface made were included in her claim, which she says are all false and defamatory to her and her child.

Among the tweets by Blueface is one where he told Soulja Boy, “Because I f**ked your baby mama the day before your baby shower.”

Other things he’s said include one where he’s claiming paternity of the child- “Till Soulja get a DNA test that’s my child lil bro I’m the daddy now,” and “What’s old about your baby mama s**king my d**k.”

One tweet said, “This his Bm right here… shouldn’t have brought up Jaidyn f**k n****a… play this at the Versus and it’s over,” while another added, “I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ash her who perform better hit for hit.”

Backonfigg on X: "Blueface says Black women would rather be single mothers  on government assistance over having the father in the house ?" / X

“Soulja kissing d*** everytime he see his child [laughing emoji] might be my kid je ain’t even get the DNA test,” another said.

Martinez does admit that she and Blueface had protected sex in 2018, but they have never gotten together since. She also filed the lawsuit after her lawyers intervened and sent him a cease and desist letter to remove the defamatory comments. However, a defiant Blueface taunted her on Instagram, writing, “Nobody ever said your name … I don’t even know who you are.”

She also says in her lawsuit that she’s been receiving death threats following the letter was received. Blueface has not reacted to the lawsuit so far.

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