Cocoa Tea Daughter: Who Is KOFFEE at Rebel Salute? Wife And Family

Find out “Cocoa Tea Daughter: Who Is KOFFEE at Rebel Salute?” As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific details about Cocoa Tea’s family life, including information about his daughter. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking recent sources, such as news articles, official statements, or Cocoa Tea’s social media profiles.

As mentioned, there were recent social media speculations about Cocoa Tea’s demise, but Observer Online has reassured that he is alive, dispelling the unfounded rumors. The severity of his reported illness and hospitalization remains undisclosed.

Cocoa Tea Daughter: Who Is KOFFEE at Rebel Salute? Wife And Family
Cocoa Tea Daughter: Who Is KOFFEE at Rebel Salute? Wife And Family

Cocoa Tea, a prominent Jamaican reggae luminary, is celebrated for his soulful melodies and profound songwriting. His enduring presence in the reggae realm continues to resonate, and fans are hopeful for his swift recovery from any health challenges he may be facing.

To get the latest insights into Cocoa Tea’s family life and the facts about his relationship with his daughter, it’s recommended to refer to recent and reliable sources for the most accurate information.

Cocoa Tea Daughter: Who Is KOFFEE at Rebel Salute?

Amid swirling speculations and social media chatter, it’s crucial to set the record straight: Koffee, the rising star born Mikayla Simpson, is not Cocoa Tea’s daughter.

The talented reggae sensation, Cocoa Tea, known by his given name Calvin Scott, has no familial ties with the 19-year-old musical prodigy.

While Koffee’s roots trace back to Spanish Town, where she was raised by her mother, Jo-Anne Williams, Cocoa Tea has no offspring as of 2024.

In an illuminating interview with The Sunday Gleaner, Koffee’s mother expressed pride in her daughter’s soaring career, highlighting the pinnacle achievement of a Grammy Award nomination.

The revelation dispels any misconceptions about a familial connection between Koffee and Cocoa Tea.

Cocoa Tea, a seasoned figure in the reggae and dancehall scene, stands as a mentor to Koffee.

Despite initial skepticism from critics, Cocoa Tea’s foresight about Koffee’s potential as Jamaica’s next megastar has been vindicated.

Reflecting on the early days, Cocoa Tea recounted facing doubters who questioned his musical acumen and dismissed Koffee’s capabilities.

Reggae Icon Cocoa Tea Feels Vindicated By Koffee's Rise To Stardom ...

However, Koffee’s meteoric rise has silenced the naysayers, and Cocoa Tea now revels in the success of his protégé.

Describing Koffee as a ‘breath of fresh air to the business,’ Cocoa Tea applauds her impact on the music industry.

The Ardenne High School alumna has not only defied initial skepticism but has become a global sensation, validating Cocoa Tea’s belief in her immense talent.

In essence, while the mentorship and support between Cocoa Tea and Koffee are evident, the notion of a familial relationship between them is categorically debunked.

The reggae maestro takes pride in being proven right about Koffee’s extraordinary potential, emphasizing the transformative influence she brings to the music business.

Meet Cocoa Tea Wife And Family

Embark on a journey through the life of revered reggae artist Cocoa Tea as he shares his personal story alongside his steadfast pillar of support, wife Malvia Scott. While detailed information about Malvia is currently not publicly available, she remains an unwavering source of strength for Cocoa Tea.

Recent rumors circulating on social media regarding Cocoa Tea’s demise have been refuted by a close family friend, firmly asserting that the reggae legend is alive and well. Emphasizing the importance of accurate information, the family friend conveys reassurance from Cocoa Tea’s wife, dispelling the false reports and reaffirming his vitality.

Throughout Cocoa Tea’s undisclosed battle with illness, Malvia Scott has stood by him, providing constant and unwavering support. In response to the rumors, the family friend underscores Malvia’s plea for prayers during this challenging time, highlighting the couple’s preference for a low-profile personal life.


Despite Cocoa Tea’s health struggles, the enduring strength of his marriage to Malvia serves as a testament to their commitment. Facing adversity hand in hand, Malvia Scott’s call for prayers reflects the unity and resilience that defines their family bond.

The dispelling of false rumors through the family friend serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information and respecting privacy, especially during times of vulnerability. As Cocoa Tea and Malvia Scott navigate these testing moments, the reggae community rallies in support, united by the power of prayer and a shared appreciation for the enduring legacy of one of Jamaica’s musical treasures.

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