Confirmed Buddy Duress Died of Cardiac Arrest From A Drug Cocktail: Illness And Health Condition 2024

Find out “Confirmed Buddy Duress Died of Cardiac Arrest From A Drug Cocktail” Buddy Duress, born Michael Stathis and renowned for his work with the Safdie Brothers, has passed away at the age of 38. His brother, Christopher Stathis, disclosed to People magazine that Duress died in November due to “cardiac arrest from a drug cocktail.”

Hailing from Queens, New York, Duress embarked on his acting journey with a role in the 2014 film “Heaven Knows What,” directed by Benny and Josh Safdie. In a 2017 interview with SSense, Duress recounted his initial encounter with Josh Safdie, which occurred shortly after his release from Rikers Island on drug charges and his decision to skip a drug in-patient program.

Buddy Duress death: Robert Pattinson's Good Time co-star dies aged 38
Buddy Duress death: Robert Pattinson’s Good Time co-star dies aged 38

Their meeting was facilitated by a mutual friend, leading to Duress’s casting in “Heaven Knows What.” Despite being apprehended by the police and returned to Rikers Island, where he stayed during the film’s premiere at the New York Film Festival, Duress reflected positively on the turn of events. He told SSense, “You know, I still look back at it. If I had went to that program, I wouldn’t have been in Heaven Knows What, and I probably wouldn’t be an actor right now. That’s the honest truth.”

Confirmed Buddy Duress Died of Cardiac Arrest From A Drug Cocktail

Buddy Duress, celebrated for his compelling performances in “Good Time” and “Heaven Knows What,” met a tragic end in November 2023 at the age of 38, succumbing to cardiac arrest resulting from a drug cocktail.

Born Michael C. Stathis, Duress’s life was a tumultuous journey fraught with legal troubles stemming from drug charges and multiple arrests. Nonetheless, he relentlessly pursued his passion for acting, leaving an indelible mark on the films he was part of.

His passing was confirmed by his brother, Christopher Stathis, who along with their mother, Jo-Anne, shared their profound grief over the loss of a cherished family member.

The family’s sorrow underscores the personal struggles Buddy faced, contrasting with his public persona as a talented actor.

Buddy Duress dead at 38: Robert Pattinson's co-star in Good Time ...
Buddy Duress dead at 38: Robert Pattinson’s co-star in Good Time …

Jay Karales, who directed Duress in his final film project, “Mass State Lottery,” paid homage to Duress, celebrating him as a uniquely charismatic actor and a genuinely humble individual.

Karales, fortunate to count himself both a collaborator and friend of Duress, emphasized the authenticity and irreplaceable nature of Buddy’s contributions to the craft of acting.

The loss of Buddy Duress has deeply affected those close to him, leaving a void in the hearts of family, friends, and admirers alike, and marking the end of a career that, despite its challenges, was marked by undeniable talent and impact.

Buddy Duress Illness And Health Condition Before Death

Buddy Duress, celebrated for his compelling performances in “Good Time” and “Heaven Knows What,” tragically passed away at 38 in November 2023.

The cause of his death was cardiac arrest induced by a drug cocktail. Despite encountering significant challenges, including issues related to drug abuse and legal troubles, Duress persevered in his acting career, making a lasting impression on the film industry. His brother, Christopher Stathis, confirmed the cause of his untimely death.

There are no search results providing details about any specific health conditions Duress may have had before his death.

The actor’s journey was notably marked by his struggle with substance abuse and encounters with the law, yet he continued to dedicate himself to his craft, contributing significantly to the cinematic world.

His untimely passing is a profound loss to the film community and those who admired his work.

What Was Buddy Duress’s Last Acting Project Before His Death

Buddy Duress’s final contribution to cinema was his significant role in the feature film “Mass State Lottery,” directed by Jay Karales.

Set for release later in the year, this project highlights Duress’s enduring talent and magnetic screen presence.

Buddy Duress Dies: 'Good Time' & 'Heaven Knows What' Actor Was 38 ...

Director Jay Karales has spoken highly of Duress, characterizing him as a charismatic force and a genuinely humble individual whose impact was felt deeply by all who had the fortune to cross paths with him.

Despite the sorrow surrounding his untimely departure, Buddy Duress’s profound influence on the film industry and his irreplaceable talent as an actor remain indelible.

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