Did Adam22 Shot When He Had A Gun Pulled On Him? Injury Details And Age Revealed

Find out “Did Adam22 Shot When He Had A Gun Pulled On Him?” There was a gun pulled at the famous podcast host during his live stream at a shooting point. Did he get shot? Was this a prank? Find out more here.

BMX rider and hip-hop music fan Adam John Grandmaison, or Adam22, is the creator and host of “No Jumper,” a podcast centered on pop culture.

He also founded a BMX biking team, “ONSOMESHIT,” and a BMX clothing line on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

He has interviewed many famous people in the music industry, including Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Sucideboys, XXXTentacion, and many more.

Adam22forever has 1.09M subscribers on his vlog channel and 4.6M subscribers on his podcast channel No Jumper.

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Did Adam22 Shot When He Had A Gun Pulled On Him?

No Jumper podcast host was violently interrupted on his live stream on Sunday, March 17, 2019, when an unknown man rushed in and pointed his gun at him.

When the podcaster was trying to enjoy his meal, the gunman appeared out of nowhere and shouted, “Give me all your fucking money, right now,” while pointing the pistol at him.

The video shows Adam very confused at that moment because he thought it was some sort of a joke. In the video, you can see him laughing and quivering simultaneously. It was a life or death situation for him, but his employee, who is always strapped with a gun, pointed it at the robber.

Several seconds later, the host fell off his chair and got into a physical fight with the gunman. Despite no gunshots firing, the robber was beaten up by the host’s friend and security and later handled by the police. In the video, you can see the robber lying helpless on the ground as he was punished for his actions.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the gunman was a 24-year-old man named David Tran. He was charged with second-degree robbery and is being held on $100k bail.

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Adam Grandmaison Injury Details

Luckily for the show host, no one was injured, and everyone on the scene of the incident was fine except the gunman as he was on his back on the floor and was beaten up quite badly. 

The robber’s face was all swollen. However, he didn’t have any guilt. The video clip shows Adam screaming at the gunman, and when the camera was shown, the gunman decided to throw a peace sign which made the host even more furious. 

ADAM22, born Adam Grandmaison is an American podcaster and YouTuber. (Source: The US Sun)

When this video was out, many people were skeptical about the video being staged and being a publicity stunt. However, the podcaster made it clear that it was 100% real. He was lucky to have no one injured, as the incident could be dangerous for the gunman and the podcasting crew.

Moments later after the incident occurred, Adam ended his stream and then said “One minute you’re tweeting jokes about f***ing cats, and the next minute you got a gun to your head.”

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Adam Grandmaison Age Revealed

Adam Grandmaison was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S. He is an American podcaster, youtube, and blogger.

Adam22 shot

The podcaster and his wife when Plugtalk won the Podcast Of the Year at AVN awards. (Source: Instagram)

As of today, he is a 39-year-old man and is engaged to  Lena Nersesian, an adult film actress, internet personality, and vlogger. They have a daughter together who was born on November 14.

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Q1. What happened to Adam22?

A1. Adam22 was shot at when a gun was pulled on him.

Q2. Was Adam22 injured when the gun was pulled on him?

A2. Yes, Adam22 was injured when the gun was pulled on him.

Q3. How old is Adam22?

A3. Adam John Grandmaison (born November 24, 1983) 39 years, more commonly known as Adam22, is an American podcaster and YouTuber.

Q4. Can you provide details about Adam22’s injury?

A4. The details of Adam22’s injury have been revealed in the text.

Q5. Who pulled the gun on Adam22?

A5. The text does not provide information about who pulled the gun on Adam22.

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