Does Lesley Stahl From 60 Minutes Wear A Wig?
Leslie Stahl attends day 3 of the ”Women In The World: Stories and Solutions” Summit at Hudson Theatre on March 14, 2010 in New York City.

Does Lesley Stahl From 60 Minutes Wear A Wig? On social media, admirers of well-known journalists are asking about her hair. Let’s look at the facts in the following article.

Leslie is a professional American journalist who began her career as a CBS News producer. For reporting on CBS’s 60 Minutes, the well-known journalist earned her big break.

Does Lesley Stahl From 60 Minutes Wear A Wig? One Of The Fierce Rumour Disclosed - Details To Follow About The Journalist

Leslie is known for her award-winning overseas reporting and news and television investigations. In September 2021, she began her 30th season on 60 Minutes, commemorating a 30-year career.

Does Lesley Stahl From 60 Minutes Wear A Wig? One Of The Fierce Rumour Disclosed

Lesli Stahl is creating an agitation on social media for her hair appearance. Many people believe that the journalist must be wearing a wig. However, she has not publicly confirmed the rumor.

Lesley might also be wearing a wiglet or clip-in hair extensions. She has her hairstylist and make-up artist on the set of CBS’s 60 minutes, who are responsible for her amazing hairstyles and colors.

Quora user explained that Leslie is probably wearing a custom-designed wig top and has either clip-in or keratin-style hair extensions. One of the users even added that her hair is way too full and artificial.

However, some people are belives that it is her natural hair. A user named “Donna Halper” mentioned that she has her hair done professionally. She is keen to maintain a youthful appearance in front of the camera.

With no clarification from the journalist herself, the question is debatable with different opinions from people around the globe.

Leslie Stahl Family Explored: A Look At Her Childhood And Young Pictures

Leslie was born and brought up by her parents, Dorothy J and Louis E. Stahl, a food company executive. She grew up in Swampscott, where she attended Wheaton College.

However, nothing much about her parents are found on the internet. They must be proud of their daughter Leslie’s success in the professional life from heaven. She was very close with her parents.

Leslie used to thank his parents and family member for all the support and love they put towards her. She is blessed with a daughter and has two adorable baby girls as her grandchildren.

She has even written a book titled “Becoming Grandma,” which was released in 2016. The book focuses on her family values and the joy she got when she heard about her grandchildren’s birth.

Meet Leslie Stahl’s Husband On Instagram: Social Media Of The Celebrity Spouse Explored

Leslie is married to her husband, Aaron Latham, a renowned American journalist. The couple has been married since 1977 and is going strong with their 44 years of marriage.

However, Leslie’s husband is not found on Instagram. The journalist is not intimated with social life. However, Leslie is present on social media and can be found with the username @lesleystahlofficial.

The verified user has 32 posts on her name but has kept her profile private. Only close friends and family are blessed with her snap of pictures.

On top of that, Leslie was married to her first husband, Jefferey Gordon. They got married in 1964. However, the marriage only lasted for three years. The couple called it a quit in 1967.

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