Fernando Lozada Wife: Who Is Triana Leon? Kids And Relationship Details

Meet “Fernando Lozada Wife: Who Is Triana Leon?” Triana Lozada is Fernando Lozada’s wife, a fitness influencer who often shares healthy tips on social media.

He is best known for his role in the Latin America series Acapulco Shore as Fernando Lozada.

Originally from Colombia, Lozada moved with his family to Mexico when he was a child. He studied industrial design at the Technological Institute of Monterrey Santa Fe campus in Mexico City.

Fernando Lozada Wife: Who Is Triana Leon? Kids And Relationship Details
Fernando Lozada Wife: Who Is Triana Leon? Kids And Relationship Details

Additionally, Lozada has hosted Mexican programs on MTV, including Swipe Date, Papi Shore, and Ava Shock.

In addition to sports like soccer, gymnastics, and CrossFit, Lozada has also competed in several bodybuilding competitions in Mexico.

In addition to Fernando Lozada’s rising acting career, fans are curious about his wife and relationship status.

Fernando Lozada Wife: Who Is Triana Leon?

Triana Lion, Fernando Lozada’s wife, is Mexican. She specializes in fitness, holistic health, and holistic well-being.

Triana Lozada, Fernando Lozada’s wife, has also written a book called Be Fit and Happy. She also promotes brands like Listerine.

We can see pictures of her dishes on Instagram. She has 742K followers on Instagram. Trian enjoys cooking for her family.

Triana also attended the Los Angeles premiere of Prime’s Video Shotgun Weeding in 2023.

Traina Leon often shares pictures of the food she prepares for her family and son, such as cookies, cupcakes, and pizza.

Triana shares healthy tips and diet information on her social media account.

Relationship Details Between Fernando Lozada and Trian Leon

Fernando Lozada and Trian Lion married in 2018 after being in a relationship for several years.

They officially announced their marriage in August 2018 through Instagram. They were surrounded by their family and close relatives at their wedding.

In En Pareja’s account, the couple met at a club in Cuernavaca. Later, they started communicating and dating.

The pair enjoyed each other’s company, and Fernando began visiting and meeting Triana. It was Fernando who began to feel a strong attraction to her.

In the following years, the couple got married. They now live happily and often share pictures on social media of themselves.

Fernando and Triana respect and support each other’s professions. The two have also been spotted attending private events and functions together.

How Many Kids Did Fernando Lozado Have?

On 2 July 2020, Fernando and Triana Lozado gave birth to their adorable son Leandro.

There, we can see Leandro helping her mama prepare delicious food in one of the couple’s lovely pictures posted on social media.

Fernando and Trian attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with their son Leandro in 2023.

In pictures and videos, Triana shows her son learning to swim, playing games and toys, and enjoying holidays with his parents.

Fernando Lozada is an incredible artist. People love his actions, roles, and shows on MTV.

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