How Many Tattoos Does The Boston Red Sox Outfielder Alex Verdugo Have? Meaning And Designed Explained

Let’s find out “How Many Tattoos Does The Boston Red Sox Outfielder Alex Verdugo Have?” Alex Verdugo, a professional baseball outfielder, popularly known for hitting the ball all over the field, is also getting a lot of recognization for his artistic tattoos. The ink art over his body is the first thing people notice.

Alex Verdugo is now a great asset for the Boston Red Sox by showing his skills in the MLB. He first got drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers back in the 2014 MLB draft. He was a key member of the Dodgers until 2019.

The line-drive hitter Alex then joined Boston Red Sox and has had 39 home runs in the competition. With a par average of .285, Alex has batted in 170 runs in his ongoing career at MLB.

The outfielder’s playing style is entertaining to watch, and his tattoos are often the town’s talk. His fans are peculiar to know about his art design and the meaning of the ink. Let’s find out.

How Many Tattoos Does The Boston Red Sox Outfielder Alex Verdugo Have?

Alex Verdugo has different tattoos all over his arm and chest. The athlete has not discussed how many tattoos he has on the press. However, he truly cherishes each one of the art.

One of his hands has the artistic tattoo of eagle wings, while on the other hand, there is a compass with additional ink art surrounding it. Whenever he goes into the field to bat, people keep an eye on his ink art.

How Many Tattoos Does The Boston Red Sox Outfielder Alex Verdugo Have?
Alex Verdugo’s Fantastic Piece Of Ink Art On Both Of His Arm ( Source : Ocregister )

He has a tattoo art probably of his mother, on his right chest. Surely, the athlete is a family man and loves to spend time with his family. Most of his tattoos are highly designed, and the backstory behind the ink is what makes Netizens curious.

The Outfielder Tattoos: Their Meaning And Designed Explained

The Boston Red Sox outfielder Alex has multiple tattoos with different meanings. According to the athlete, the compass on his left hand indicates the direction to success.

While some of them do not have a meaning and are just fantastic pieces of ink art to appreciate, he even has a tattoo of flowers on his hand but has yet to clarify the meaning.

Both of his wrists have a tattoo titled Faith and Loyalty. The athlete has been very much faithful and seeks loyalty from his circle. Apart from that, the athlete has not discussed much about the design and backstory of his ink art.

However, he has a tattoo probably of his mother on the right chest. Surely, the athlete is a family man.

Meet The Proud Parents Of The Baseballer, Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo was born and brought up by Tucsonas Joe and Shelly Verdugo.

The sportsman has not revealed anything about his siblings or parents’ occupations. He doesn’t talk much about his family in the news because he respects their right to privacy.

Alex grew up in a multi-racial family, his father was of Mexican descent, and his mother was from Minnesota. All of the Verdugo family holds American nationality.

The supportive parents of Alex are very proud to witness the successful career of their son in the MLB. They do not miss a chance to support their son from the comfort of their home. Alex also credits his parents for the success he has achieved to date.

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