Is Amy Remeikis Married? Meet Her Husband Calvin And Baby


Find out “Is Amy Remeikis Married?” Amy Remeikis married life is the highlight of her social media, where she flexes her ever-loving husband and her cats.

Aside from being known for her adorable posts, she’s a well-respected political reporter for The Guardian in Australia. Amy covers significant political issues, crime, courts, and the environment.

Is Amy Remeikis Married? Meet Her Husband Calvin And Baby
Is Amy Remeikis Married? Meet Her Husband Calvin And Baby

She’s also a regular contributor on ABC’s Insiders program and was recognized as the first nominee for the Young Walkley Awards, highlighting her impact on political journalism.

In a nutshell, Amy effortlessly blends her personal and professional life, making her a standout figure both online and in the world of political reporting.

Amy Remeikis Wiki And Bio

Information Answer
Full Name Amy Remeikis
Age 43 years old (as of 2023)
Date of Birth May 25, 1980
Place of Birth Not specified, but she is Australian
Educational Background Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the Queensland University of Technology.
Profession Journalist, reporter, writer, media personality, and public figure.
Current Employer The Guardian Australia
Previous Employer Fairfax Media
Notable Coverage Federal politics, Queensland politics, crime, court, and garden shows.
Awards Nominated for Young Walkley Awards
Family Belongs to a well-settled family with a brother and a sister. Her father is from Lithuania, and her mother is from Australia. She is married and has a child, but has not disclosed much about her spouse or child.
Religion Christianity
Net Worth Estimated to be around $1 million (as of 2021)

Is Amy Remeikis Married? Relationship Timeline

Amy Remeikis provides a glimpse into her married life through poignant social media posts, offering a narrative of enduring love and companionship.

A tweet from March 11, 2013, alludes to the depth of their connection, as she joyfully shares, “Married seven years today. My husband drove me to work to celebrate, so I didn’t have to catch the bus.

That’s true love.” This snippet marks a significant milestone in their marriage and hints at the thoughtful gestures that define their relationship.

In a more recent Instagram post from 2023, Amy affectionately describes her partner as someone who may shy away from photos but wholeheartedly embraces the joy of being ridiculous just to make her laugh.

This revelation goes beyond the conventional dynamics of a married couple, portraying a bond that transcends spousal roles, depicting them as partners and best friends sharing a unique chemistry.

Amy’s posts collectively paint a picture of an evergreen love, where shared laughter, thoughtful gestures, and a deep connection characterize the enduring charm of her married life.

Meet Amy Remeikis’s Husband Calvin, And Baby

Amy Remeikis, an engaging Australian reporter, has woven a tapestry of happiness in her married life with her husband, Calvin, since December 2021.

While Amy remains discreet about the finer details of their relationship, she offers glimpses of their affectionate moments to her social media followers, underlining the strength of their connection.

One such heartwarming snapshot was shared on February 13, 2022, where Amy and Calvin are captured laying on trampolines, accompanied by the caption, “Get you someone who will lay on trampolines with you.”

This public display of affection resonates through the delightful snapshots peppered across Amy’s Instagram, where she has amassed a substantial following.

Beyond the captivating portrayal of her personal life, Amy shares insights into her profound passion for motherhood.

Her social media is adorned with endearing pictures of her cradling infants, reflecting either a personal interest or, perhaps, a connection to her work as a journalist delving into family-related topics.

Amy’s affection extends to her two adopted feline companions, Stevie and George, whom she lovingly refers to as her babies.

This blend of personal and familial content showcases Amy’s multifaceted life and invites her online community to share in the joys of her family dynamics.

Amy Remeikis has skillfully balanced her roles as a respected journalist and a devoted family person.

Her ability to connect with her audience through shared moments of joy and love underscores her authenticity and relatability.

Through the lens of social media, Amy has carved a niche that goes beyond her professional accomplishments, portraying her as not only a journalist but also a warm and pleasant individual who finds joy in the simple pleasures of life with her husband and beloved pets.

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