Is That Vegan Teacher Dead Or Still Alive, What Happened To Her? Real Name & Death Hoax Debunked As Veganism Lives On

Is That Vegan Teacher Dead Or Still Alive, What Happened To Her? The death hoax around that Vegan Teacher is still going strong in 2022, but she is still alive. What happened to her?

That Vegan Teacher is an animal rights activist and a well-known figure on the internet. She is notably well-known for her contentious veganism promotion.

Is That Vegan Teacher Dead Or Still Alive, What Happened To Her? Real Name & Death Hoax Debunked As Veganism Lives On

She promotes veganism primarily through songs, and she even has a Spotify playlist of her original works.

She’d also made international headlines when she asked celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to go vegan. Her phony death news has recently gone viral on social media.


Is That Vegan Teacher Dead Or Still Alive, What Happened To Her? Death Hoax Debunked   As Veganism Lives On

The death hoax of That Vegan Teacher circulated a year ago on April 2, 2021. The rumors continue to emerge on social media sites even in 2022.

Such fake information noted that she died by hanging from a noose in her house in North Carolina. Other rumors had stated that she died after being stabbed by an unidentified male.

Sources claim that the information first began circulating on Tiktok. It reads that she had committed suicide after reading a comment on her Tiktok.

The comment apparently told that  ” She Was Horrid And A Psychopath Forcing Vegan Religion On Everyone”.

Some more fake news also claimed that former Vegan Teachers had planned a protest for a proper funeral. Some had demanded a statue for her and her ashes to be spread in the atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, her haters were actually happy to hear about her demise. They had posted many hilarious tweets.



What happened to That Vegan Teacher? 


That Vegan Teacher is no more active on Tiktok, however, her popular videos still circulate on the platform. 

Before she was removed from TikTok, she had amassed a whopping 1.6 million followers. But why was she banned? 

Despite her immense popularity, many of her contents were a bit controversial. She used to compare animal agriculture to the Holocaust and very often used the term “Meat Is Murder”.

In some of her videos, the vegan activist has also made controversial comments on the LGBTQ matter. She is seen saying ‘coming out as a vegan is ‘more special’ than coming out as gay.

As a result of her repeated contentious posts that violated the Tiktok community standards, she had to be removed from the popular site. Many had even filed a petition to delete the activist’s account. As per the sources, more than 20,000 signatures were made in support of her removal. 

Who Is That Vegan Teacher? Real Name


That Vegan Teacher’s real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, as mentioned on her Wikipedia. She is a Canadian born on September 24, 1964.

Initially, Diekmeyer had started her career as a medical worker. She then turned into ESL teachings but had to leave the job due to COVID.


Diekmeyer is recognized for her famous video urging celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to go vegan.

In the clip, Diekmeyer sings telling ‘hurting animals is wrong’, meanwhile, Ramsay responds by eating lettuce. The celebrity chef also called her a ‘vegan donut’ by taking a bite from a burger.

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