Is Wendy Lee Pole Dance Instructor Dead Or Still Alive? Wendy Lee, a pole dance instructor, is said to have died. Is she truly gone? What is the cause of death? In this article, we’ll discover out.

The Real Wendy Lee AKA Wendy Lee is a dancer, actress, and fitness instructor as per her biography on the site

Is Wendy Lee Pole Dance Instructor Dead  Or Still Alive? Death Cause - Age Wiki And Husband

In addition, she is a certified pole fitness instructor. She is also a member of the SAG-AFTRA union.

Moving on to her abilities, her website reveals that she possesses a diverse collection of abilities ranging from music and dance to fitness and yoga.

Despite her status as a fitness instructor, she is being sought for due to rumors of her death. Is she truly gone? Let’s see what we can find out in the next segment.

Is Wendy Lee Pole Dance Instructor Dead Or Still Alive? Death Cause Revealed

Even though Wendy Lee’s death was rumored, it turned out to be untrue.

In addition, Wendy Lee’s death has yet to be confirmed by official sources. Furthermore, we have been unable to locate any condolences or obituaries on any social media platforms. Wendy Lee’s most recent Instagram photo was posted on April 6th.

We couldn’t uncover anything relating to her death in the recent remarks. As a result, we can conclude that Wendy, the fitness trainer and movement specialist, is still alive.

Wendy Lee Age And Wiki

Wendy Lee is believed to be between the ages of 21 and 39.

Her true age, however, has yet to be confirmed.

Her skills include dancing, modeling, fitness, yoga, athletics, Aerial Lyra, Roller Skating, and more, according to her biography on

She is also based in San Gabriel, California. She has been a competitive figure skater, aerialist, pole dancer, and yogi for most of her life.

She has almost 20 years of dance experience in a variety of styles, including Jazz/Ballet/Traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance/Ballroom/HipHop.

Wendy Lee Husband: Is She Married?

Wendy Lee hasn’t married yet, so she doesn’t have a husband right now.

In reality, she has stayed away from social media and the internet when it comes to her personal life.

She has not yet shared anything on the internet about her dating life. As a result, we assume Wendy Lee is a single and self-sufficient woman. Within three months of joining Central Casting, she had earned Taft Hartley.

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