James Argent Struggles on Valentine's Day After Split from Stella

James Argent, a 35-year-old former “The Only Way Is Essex” star and singer, admitted to feeling “lonely and struggling” on Valentine’s Day after splitting from his 19-year-old girlfriend, Stella Turian, in November. The split, which came after a year of dating, was described as “heartbreaking” for Argent, who had been with Stella since September of the previous year. Despite being in a good place in his life, the romantic day was still difficult for him, as he found it hard to avoid the reminders of love and relationships on social media and in stores.

James Argent Struggles on Valentine’s Day After Split from Stella

Argent explained that he tried to avoid social media on Valentine’s Day, knowing it wouldn’t make him feel better, but he couldn’t resist glancing at the posts of couples and the abundance of Valentine’s Day products. This led to a bit of emotional distress, but he managed to get through it by having a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling fine the next day.

Argent’s relationship with Stella, who is 16 years his junior, had been a topic of discussion and criticism due to the age gap. Despite this, the couple managed to make their long-distance relationship work for over a year, with Argent even hinting at marriage. However, work commitments became increasingly difficult for them, leading to the mutual decision to end their relationship. Argent and Stella still follow each other on Instagram, and there are no hard feelings between them. Argent is even invited to join Stella and her family on a ski trip early next year.

Reflecting on his past relationships, Argent has maintained good relationships with all three of his ex-girlfriends, including Stella, Lydia Bright, and Gemma Collins. He credits his ability to stay friends with his exes to his approach to relationships, which is different from many of his friends who cut ties after a breakup.

Argent believes in the importance of open communication and reaching out to friends and family during tough times, which he has learned from his past mental health issues. He hopes to find “the one” and is open to the idea of settling down, although he admits to being terrible with DIY and other practical tasks.

James Argent’s Valentine’s Day was a challenging time for him, marked by feelings of loneliness and struggle due to his recent split from Stella Turian. Despite the difficulties, he managed to navigate through the day and maintain a positive outlook on his future relationships.

How did James Argent and Stella Turian meet?

James Argent and Stella Turian met in June 2022 at a wedding in Mykonos, Greece. Their connection was initially sparked through a shared love of music, as they were drawn to each other at the wedding of a mutual friend.

James Argent, 36, reveals he 'really struggled' on lonely ...
James Argent Struggles on Valentine’s Day After Split from Stella

Argent, who is a wedding singer and part of The Arg Band, and Turian, who had a role in the film “Infiniti” screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, found common ground in their passion for music. They first met at a place called Nammos, where they had a chance encounter and enjoyed a nice chat.

Argent and Turian exchanged numbers after they serenaded each other with Rat Pack tunes and Italian love songs. They continued to exchange videos of their performances, which helped them stay connected and grow closer.

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