Johnny Deven Young Arrested Over Violent Incel: Why Was Arrested For Macing Woman At Local Bars


Johnny Deven Young Arrested Over Violent Incel: Johnny Deven Young was arrested for allegedly verbally and physically attacking women. Young is also accused of hate crimes and was last seen in Las Vegas.

Johnny Deven Young, 25, is charged with hate crimes, assault, and discharging tear gas in relation to incidents in November.

Johnny Deven Young Youtube Channel: Why Was Arrested For Macing Woman At Local Bars

The Costa Mesa Police Department is looking for Johnny Young, a “self-described incel,” for allegedly assaulting multiple people after allegedly assaulting a group of women with obscene and s3xual language.

Who Is Johnny Deven Young?

Johnny Deven Young is a Las Vegas resident. He has been arrested after being accused of verbally harassing and assaulting multiple criminals.

He has used vulgar and graphic words to confront multiple women outside of Costa Mesa bars.  He’s been seen driving a green-striped Chevy cargo van.

Officers responded to a call regarding two people getting pepper-sprayed at about 1:25 a.m. on November 21 and began investigating Young.

They noticed that two individuals had become separated while at a local bar.

Young began “verbally harassing” the woman using “explicit language, indicating he wanted to see her private parts and asked to have s3xual relations with her,” according to police.

Young has a history of stalking or targeting women outside of clubs, pubs, and gyms.

Johnny Deven Young Arrested Over Violent Incel

Costa Mesa cops are looking for leads that will lead to the arrest of Deven Young, whom they believe to be an “incel.”

A person who considers himself or herself to be involuntarily celibate and expresses great hatred and hostility towards others who are s3xually active is known as an incel.

On April 20, Costa Mesa police learned of a video on social media showing a guy addressing women with s3xually explicit words before spraying them with a chemical substance.

The footage showed two separate incidents. In one of them, a man later identified as Young harasses a woman and follows her into a parking garage.

The second incident occurred at the Triangle retail area in Costa Mesa, where many women were sitting on a bench

Police Lookout For Macing Women At Local Bars

Johnny Deven Young has harassed the woman verbally and with explicit language, and he has a history of stalking and targeting women outside of the club, pubs, and gyms.

In one video Young uses s3xually explicit words and then sprays women with a chemical substance.

He is wanted for aggravated assault, hate crime, and tear gas discharge.

Young describes himself as an incel, or involuntary celibate, on several social media platforms.

Johnny Deven Young Jail Sentence And Charges

Six counts of hate crime, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and three counts of using tear gas have been charged against Johny Deven Young.

The charges stem from incidents at or near the Triangle Square shopping mall and parking garage.

Johnny Deven Young assaulted a man and a woman outside a pub on November 21, 2021, according to the first allegation.

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