Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Wants Their Daughter On His Show – In divorce drama news…

Kenya Moore is sharing more details on her STILL impending split from Marc Daly and revealing a surprising update.

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Despite Daly being against their 4-year-old daughter appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, he’s allegedly juuuust fine with her being featured on his own reality show.

Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Wants Their Daughter On His Show

Kenya made the revelation on Way Up With Angela Yee this week while discussing her ongoing divorce proceedings. As previously reported the couple announced their split in 2019 before the housewife officially filed in 2021 and there’s been a saga of drama, much to Kenya’s chagrin, ever since.

Kenya told hosts Angela Yee and Jasmine Brand that Daly is apparently filming a TV show and ironically wants Brooklyn Daly to appear on the program.

“When you sue someone for divorce, the custody of the child, the minor, comes into play. So we were very close and then the last mediation, he wants to challenge my right to have the final say on her filming because he’s now on a reality show.”

She continued,

“And so now that’s what’s causing the divorce proceeding to move forward because I’m like ‘that’s what I sued you for custody for is because you were trying to keep her off Real Housewives.’ Now you want to be on a show now all of a sudden and you need my permission for her to be on that show because I have final say. And it’s like, it’s just so much BS.”

Details around the reality show have not been released but sources told BOSSIP in 2021 that Daly television plans.

At the time, the Soco BK owner had “just started production for his own reality show, with a celebrity co-star.”

“Set in Brooklyn, the show will feature and revolve around Black-owned businesses, restaurant management, and even love. Sources say Daly could be seeking a new relationship on the show so let’s hope he’s luckier in love this time around,” we previously reported.

Clearly, the entrepreneur revisited the idea to star on reality TV.

Kenya Moore Recently Accused Marc Daly Of Seeing Their Daughter Twice In Two Years

This latest news comes amid Daly reportedly wanting Kenya to be found in contempt of court after learning of their daughter’s presence during a #RHOA scene that showed Marlo Hampton trying to “kick down” the door of Moore’s hotel room.

Daly believed that Kenya violated a court order to notify him of opportunities when their child would appear on camera and Kenya fired back via her attorneys.

RadarOnline reports that Kenya accused him of being a “FaceTime” father who has only seen their daughter, who he was vehemently against appearing on #RHOA, twice in two years.

Additionally, she alleged that he would purposely and erratically change the time of his scheduled FaceTimes with the child to “cause issues.”

“Mother has implored Father to be consistent with his calls, which he refuses to do. Nevertheless, Father has been random in his behavior and unwilling to stick to the established schedule,” her motion read per Radar.

Before their divorce, Kenya filed a separate case over custody and pleaded for primary custody. Daly fought to keep their daughter off of #RHOA as part of the case but a judge ultimately ruled that Kenya would have the final say on when Brooklyn would appear on the show and awarded her sole custody.

The exes will hopefully soon settle their divorce when they face off at trial.

CSPH 130th Anniversary Gala

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

They do not have a prenup.

Post source: Bossip

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