Lenny Kravitz Parents And Siblings: Who Are Roxie Roker And Sy Kravitz? Family

Lenny Kravitz Parents And Siblings – Leonard Kravitz is an American singer, actor, and songwriter. Let’s learn more about Lenny Kravitz’s parents.

Lenny Kravitz was born and raised in an environment of wealth by his parents. He grew up in Hollywood, where he developed a passion for music at an early age.

The musician Kravitz was accepted into the Beverly Hills High School music program after demonstrating his raw talent on several instruments.

Lenny Kravitz Parents And Siblings: Who Are Roxie Roker And Sy Kravitz? Family

Lenny, aka Leonard, graduated Beverly Hills High School in 1982. His first album, Let Love Rule, was released in 1989.

From 1999 to 2002, the famous singer Lenny won Grammy awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for his album Five Won.

In that category, he set the record for most consecutive wins for a male artist in one category.

Other awards were also nominated for Grammy winner Lenny.

On the Billboard Top 100 chart, Kravitz’s hit singles “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over” (1991) and “Again” (2000) reached the top 10.

According to Vh1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”, Lenny is a four-time Grammy winner for Best Male Rock Vocal Performer.

During his career as a singer, Kravitz has sold more than 40 million albums. He is also a member of the Canadian charity Artists Against Racism.

In addition to his music career, Lenny has also worked as an actor. He made his film debut in 1998 with “The Rugarts Movie.”

Lenny Kravitz Parents And Siblings: Who Are Roxie Roker And Sy Kravitz?

Leonard Albert Kravitz, famously known as Lenny Kravitz, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on May 26, 1963. He was born to Sy Kravitz, his father and Roxie Roker, his mother.

Roxie Roker, the mother of Lenny, was born on August 28, 1929. She is an American Actress who portrayed Helen Willis in The Jeffersons, a CBS sitcom.

She began her professional acting career in Negro Ensemble Company and became a successful stage actress.

Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz spent time with his family while he was young. (Source: Red Ruby Shine- Tumblr)

Roxie won an Obie Award in 1974 and was nominated for Tony Award for her portrayal of Mattie Williams in The River Niger.

Sy Kravitz was born on December 10, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York City. His real name is Seymour Kravitz.

He began his career as a soldier in U.S. army before pursuing the entertainment industry as a TV producer.

Kravitz married Erika in 1948 and became a parent to two children, Laurie and Tedi Kravitz. Sy Kravtiz divorced Erika in 1955 as they failed to stand the test of time.

In 1963, Sy’s second marriage took place with Roxie Roker. The couple gave birth to one of the famous musicians Lenny Kravitz.

His parents divorced in 1985, nearly after being together for two decades. Roxie Roker died in 1995 after suffering from breast Cancer.

Sy. Kravitz died on October 29, 2005, after being diagnosed with Leukemia in his 80s.

Lenny, son of Sy. Kravitz and Roxie Roker is the only child of his parents. He is a single son of his parents.

However, he has a half-elder sister and brother, Laurie and Tedi Kravitz. His elder brother and sisters are children from his father, Sy Kravitz’s first marriage with Erika.

Lenny Is A Family Guy

Multiple Grammy Award winner Lenny was born to Roxie and Sy Kravitz in New York. He was born to a family of three, including his parents, and did not have siblings.

However, he has half-elder siblings Laurie and Tedi Kravitz.

Kravitz married Lisa Bonet in 1987. The pair gave birth to Zoe Kravitz in 1988, just after one year of marriage.

Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz with his daughter Zoe. (Source: Instagram)

Lenny and Lisa divorced in 1993 after having some conflicts. The famous musician has a small family.

Other information related to him and his family is not known.

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