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HBCUs have been a hot topic lately in light of the “scandal” that both Deion Sanders and Ed Reed have been embroiled in related to their comments about the way historically Black colleges and universities operate. For those who believe that HBCUs are run by janky promoters, this story might add a little fuel to their fire…

Marcus Stokes was formerly recruit of the University of Florida who had been offered a scholarship to play quarterback for the Gators. That offer was rescinded when a viral video of him comfortably using the n-word came to light. Recently, Stokes tweeted that he had been given a second chance at sports stardom by another school according to FoxNews

”Blessed to receiver (sic) my first HBCU offer to play at Albany State University!” Stokes tweeted.”

Marcus Stokes is white…as hell and Black people…leaders of a University…decided to pay him for his services…

Sufficed to say, there are feelings about this and Twitter is tweeting.

What good is a controversy if the people can’t get their jokes off?

All BS aside, Albany State got some ‘splainin’ to do. This kid should NOT be the recipient of valuable funds that could be used to help BLACK PEOPLE. That said, if you are going to bring Stokes on campus and make him the de facto leader of BLACK PLAYERS, you absolutely have to speak to them, get their input, and be publicly transparent about why.

The truth is that even with that potential explanation, this is still very cringe and frankly, offensive.

What say you? Sound off in the comments section.

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