Meet Alan Joyce Husband Shane Lloyd – Everything On Qantas Airways CEO Married Life And Partner


Meet Alan Joyce Husband Shane Lloyd – In a grandiose ceremony in Sydney, Alan Joyce, Australia’s highest-paid CEO and an Irish-born native, married his long-term boyfriend, Shane Lloyd. Let’s take a closer look at the article to learn more.

Shane Lloyd married Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, on Saturday, and the couple was joined by 120 members of their family, friends, and notable business people at a reception at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Meet Alan Joyce Husband Shane Lloyd - Everything On Qantas Airways CEO Married Life And Partner

Joyce was an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage, donating $1 million to the cause, and the couple married nearly two years after California’s historic Yes vote.


Meet Alan Joyce Husband Shane Lloyd -Who Is Shane Lloyd? 

Shane Lloyd is married to Alan Joyce, whom he met in Melbourne 15 years ago and has been with him for five years.

Joyce had expressed disappointment that, while they could marry under Irish, British, or New Zealand law, they were unable to do so under the law of the country in which they were both born: Australia. Following the passage of the yes vote, the couple tied the knot.

When it comes to supporting your partner in all that you do in life, your partner is always going to be extremely important to you, and Shane has always been that for Joyce.


Alan Joyce Husband – Age Job And Net Worth

Marriage equality in Australia was made possible by Alan and Shane, and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts in this regard. Shane Lloyd and his fiancée were married on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay. They had a beautiful ceremony.

Shane has not provided any of his personal information to the media, and as a result, we know absolutely nothing about him. His partner Joyce is 53 years old, so he is most likely in his 50s at this point.


Where Does The Couple Live?

Alan Joyce and Shane Lloyd are a married couple who live in Thee Rocks, a Sydney inner-city suburb. If it was not for Mr. Joyce and Mr. Lloyd’s struggle, Alex Greenwich, a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, believes that Australia would not have same-sex marriages in the first place.

In honor of the occasion, the newlyweds were presented with a framed photograph of the Governor-General announcing the passage of the marriage equality bill.

In his speech, Sir Cosgrove stated that Mr. Joyce and his partner would be grateful for the gift because it was important to gay Australians. In addition to Goyder, Qantas Chairman Richard Goyder and Optus Chairman Paul O’Sullivan were in attendance at the event.

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