Michele Quadraroli: Man Stabs His Mother Maria Bianchi To Death With Scissors?

A look at “Michele Quadraroli: Man Stabs His Mother Maria Bianchi To Death With Scissors?” Michele Quadraroli, a twisted man, stabbed his mother dead with scissors. Learn more about the heinous crime and the latest developments in the case.

Quadraroli had a long history of mental issues and murdered his own mother mercilessly in their home this Sunday.

Not only did he kill her, but he also tried to burn her body afterwards.

This horrific episode shocked people and left them wondering how someone could kill their mother in such a way.

 The case is under investigation, and more information will likely be out soon.

Michele Quadraroli, Man Stabs His Mother Maria Bianchi To Death With Scissors, Arrest And Charges

A 56-year-old Italian man named Michele Quadraroli stabbed his 84-year-old mother, Maria Bianchi, to death using a pair of scissors.

The horrific incident occurred in their Marche home on Sunday (November 27, 2022), local sources reported on Monday.

While the murder is being investigated, initial reports are that the son attacked the lady in his bedroom and then completed killing her in the bathroom. After the murder, he tried to set her body on Fire.

Afterwards, Police were alarmed by the man’s doctor, who heard him over the phone. They notified the carabinieri of what had happened after finding the senior woman’s body in a bloodbath.

Michele Quadraroli: Man Stabs His Mother Maria Bianchi To Death With Scissors?
Michele Quadraroli stabbed and killed his mother. (Source: Macerata)

The woman had wounds all over her face and mouth, likely caused by a pair of scissors, which showed she had been hit several times, disfiguring her. The doctors had no choice but to pronounce her dead.

The mother-son duo were well-known in the San Severino Marche town near Macerata. They ran a tobacconist’s shop/ bar that bore her name (‘Bar Bianchi Maria’) in the space below their residence.

Possible Motive Of Murder And The Aftermath

The suspect was taken to the hospital by ambulance and then to the barracks, where he was interrogated and arrested in the evening in the presence of a trusted lawyer.

Local sources stated that the military arrested the man in the evening and that he had been in treatment for psychiatric problems for some time.

It has also been reported that the man used to take psychotropic drugs. La Stampa reports that he was quiet and had never shown any sign of danger or aggressive behaviour.

The two lived together in the apartment where the crime took place. It is located in via Raffaell, the same street as the local Carabinieri barracks.

Michele Quadraroli arrested
Police is investigating the case. (Source: Italy 24)

It is unclear what the murder motive was, and then if convicted, the man might face life imprisonment. 

However, if it is proved that he is mentally unstable and committed the crime because of it, he might be sent to a correctional facility in place of regular prison. The twisted man was known to have a long history of mental issues.

“A horrible fact is how it occurred and also the fact that it occurred at home, a place that should instead ensure protection and give tranquillity”, the Mayor of San Severino Marche, Rosa Piermattei, said.

The mayor added, “Our community is small, where everyone knows each other, and now we are all in shock for this latest violence.”

The case has just come to the media, and we will need to wait to learn about the victim, the preparator and the crime in detail. 

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