Rita Moreno is “texting buddies” with Ludacris.

Rita Moreno is texting buddies with Ludacris

Rita Moreno is texting buddies with Ludacris

The 91-year-old actress made an appearance as the grandmother of Dom in ‘Fast X’ but was unaware that rap star Chris ‘Ludacris‘ Bridges, 45, had been in much of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise and now texts with him “all the time” after having a surprise meeting with him on set.

She said: “I didn’t know that he was in all of those movies. We were doing a scene in Vin [Diesel]’s grandma’s backyard, which is supposed to be in LA but it was in London on a set and it was freezing cold. Anywhere, I’m sitting at the table where I’m supposed to have served lunch to all of his people, his group, and I look at this guy and I think ‘That looks like Luda- oh, my God!’ He said ‘Hi, I’m Chris’ and I said ‘You certainly are, baby!’ And you know what? We’re text buddies. We text all the time.”

Meanwhile, the ‘West Side Story’ star – who was married to Leonard Gordon from 1965 until he died in 2010 – became the third person to win an Emmy, a Grammy an Oscar and a Tony but recalled that she used to stash her awards away because she was “embarrassed” until her husband reminded her that she “earned” them.

Speaking on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’, she explained: “I used to keep them in a cardboard box in the garage. And when I got married, my husband said ‘I know you have awards, where are they?’ and I said ‘Oh they’re in a box’ and he said ‘Why?’. I said ‘Well it feels like I’m showing off and that kind of embarrasses me.’ But then he said something really meaningful to me. He said ‘Rita, you earned those, you didn’t buy them.’ So they are in the living room.”

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