Simi Haze’s Plastic Surgery: Is Their Face Artificial or Did They Just Have Insane Glow-up? How Did They Look Before Nose Job?


Simi Haze’s Plastic Surgery: Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, collectively known as Simi Haze, are undoubtedly the most powerful twin fashion pair on the internet right now, with their opulent and voguish style.

Grabbing the attention of their followers with their incredible style and just as astonishing lifestyle, the pair’s transformation is now the topic of the talk.

Simi Haze’s Plastic Surgery: Is Their Face Artificial or Did They Just Have Insane Glow-up? How Did They Look Before Nose Job?

Besides their weight loss, the most recent question was raised: Did they get plastic surgery? So, here’s everything we know about Simi Haze’s plastic surgery.

Simi Haze, identical Palestinian twins who are wild, fantastic, wavy, and worldly, symbolize a simmering time in not only fashion and music, but also in a growing network of diasporic Arab innovation.

The twins, who grew up in Riyadh, London, and California, have a multicultural background that shows in their music and design.

After drastically altering their appearance, their fans are curious as to whether the twins underwent plastic surgery and, if so, what treatments they underwent. Here’s everything you need to know about Simi Haze’s enticing makeover.


Simi Haze’s Plastic Surgery: Is Their Face Artificial or Did They Just Have Insane Glow-up?

Simi Haze are not only stylish, but also extraordinarily attractive, with faces that rival supermodels. The pair’s visage appears too beautiful, as if carved by hands, thanks to their Palestinian and Arab backgrounds.

In addition, when comparing photos of the twins when they were teenagers, the changes are extremely noticeable. ‘Did they receive plastic surgery or is it all just cosmetics and contouring?’ one could wonder.

Though the couple never explicitly said or denied having plastic surgery, it’s clear from a close examination of their appearance.

Comparing the twins back in 2015 to now, they look drastically different. Looking at their pictures from 2015-2017, most of the twin’s features look transformed or rather enhanced.

Droopy eyes, elongated nose, and slimmer lips, Simi Haze had quite the Palestinian features. The twins also flaunted long afro-like curls.

Looking at their pictures now, it’s quite obvious that the two got plastic surgery to fix their features here and there.

Their extremely hooded eyes consist space between them now, indicating that the pair could have undergone Blepharoplasty, a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle, and fat. Instead of it, the voguish twin may have gotten brow lift.

Differences in their nose too can be observed. While they had pretty long, slender, and pointy noses back then, the pair now possess the perfect nose. Many believe

There are also differences in their noses. The duo used to have long, slim, and sharp noses, but now they have the perfect nose. Many people assume they had their noses done as well, a procedure known as Rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

Along with their noses, the twins’ lips are likewise larger than they were previously. Lip filler may have been another procedure they underwent to further enhance their appearance. Many people feel they have Buccal Fat Removal surgery and botox injections to improve their low face bone structure.

The twins’ hair was reportedly said to have been permanently modified, as well as liposuction to minimize their body fat.

 Though the iconic twins never denied or admitted the rumors, it’s quite obvious that they went under knives to achieve the beauty they are blessed with today.


Take a Peek into the World of the Iconic Duo Simi Haze!

Simi Haze were born into the fashion world, attending their first fashion show at the age of 14 as buyers for their mother’s Riyadh-based store.

For the twins, moving to the United States opened doors to an extraordinary world of fame. Between lessons, they moved from being requested to DJ home parties to being approached by Vogue Italia for photo shoots.

Simi and Haze quickly established themselves as two of the most stylish electronica DJs in the world, with influences spanning from Aphex Twin to Die Antwoord.

However refusing to be labeled as “Influencers”, in an interview with GQ, Haze said:

The word influencer has gotten so diluted, it’s overused in a way that now, I never really want to be in that category.

She continues,

We’re very careful about it now and anything we do, has to be really authentic. We don’t tag brands that we don’t have a campaign with or are working closely with or are obsessed with.

Striving to set a name for themselves, not just as influencers but something beyond that, Simi Haze stepped into the realm of beauty and makeup with their makeup company SimiHaze Beauty. The minimalistic and aesthetic SimiHaze Beauty launched in the summer of 2021.

Owned by the incredible iconic duo, the company already built a name for itself by providing velvety soft lip balms, beginner-friendly eyeshadow palettes, and pinch-able liquid blushes for cheeks to its customers.

With their third collection, which includes glistening lip glosses, a galaxy-inspired eyeshadow palette, and easy-to-apply eye jewels, they’ve raised the ante.

Recently introducing their third collection, which is holiday-ready, Simi Haze are tirelessly campaigning their products. “The whole collection is inspired by nature and natural elements,” Simi and Haze told ELLE in an exclusive interview. “We were thinking about the moon and the reflection of the moon.”

While the flashy components of the collection are perfect for the holidays, producing wearable looks without the assistance of a cosmetic artist was a key goal while designing the new line.

They add on, “I want [consumers] to feel like they can wear it with casual clothes to make it more dressed up, or they can have like a dressy look, and then not need a makeup artist and elevate it even more, and feel more glamorous.”


Follow Simi And Haze Khadra On Instagram

Simi and Haze Khadra operate a joint account on Instagram under the username @simihaze.

The account enjoys a whopping 1.4 million followers with a verified tick on the side.

The twin sisters’ amazing pictures have taken up the feed that receives thousands of likes and comments.

Meanhwile, the two also run their business Simi Haze Beauty via Instagram as well.

Needless to say, the sisters have come quite far from their initial days.

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