Sisi Rondina Parents Who Are Alona And Arnold Rondina Siblings And Family

Meet “Sisi Rondina Parents: Who Are Alona And Arnold Rondina?” In the world of sports, certain individuals stand out not only for their exceptional skills but also for the unwavering support they receive from their family.

Sisi Rondina, a renowned volleyball player, is one such individual. In this article, we will explore the family background of Sisi Rondina, including her parents, Alona and Arnold Rondina, as well as her siblings. Let’s delve into the life and family of this incredible athlete.

Sisi Rondina Parents: Alona And Arnold Rondina, Siblings And Family

Sisi Rondina: A Volleyball Superstar

Before we dive into the details of Sisi Rondina’s family, let’s take a moment to appreciate her incredible achievements in the world of volleyball. Sisi Rondina, born on February 6, 1996, in Cebu, Philippines, is a Filipino professional volleyball player. She has represented the Philippines in various international tournaments and has made a significant impact in the sport.

Sisi Rondina’s Journey to Success

Sisi Rondina’s journey to success in volleyball was not an easy one. She started playing volleyball at a young age and quickly showed great promise. Her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport caught the attention of coaches and scouts, leading her to join the University of Santo Tomas (UST) women’s volleyball team, the UST Golden Tigresses.

During her time at UST, Rondina became a vital player for the team, showcasing her incredible athleticism, powerful spikes, and unmatched determination. She led the Golden Tigresses to numerous victories and played a crucial role in their success.

Sisi Rondina’s Rise to National Prominence

Sisi Rondina’s exceptional talent and performances at the collegiate level earned her a spot in the national team. She proudly represented the Philippines in international competitions, such as the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Volleyball Championship. Her contributions to the national team solidified her position as one of the country’s most celebrated volleyball players.

Sisi Rondina Parents: Alona And Arnold Rondina

Sisi Rondina was born in Compostela, Cebu, to a family of three sisters to Alona, a dressmaker, and Arnold Rondina, a fisherman. Her sisters are Christina, Karen, and Criselda.

Alona Rondina was a former volleyball player and Arnold Rondina used to play basketball. Sisi is far more talented than they were, according to her mother. “Nag-mana siya sa aming dalawa ng Papa niya,” she said. “High school pa lang ako volleyball player din ako, libero ako. Hindi ako pareho ni Sisi na lumilipad. Sa high school lang ako, hindi na ako nag-college dahil sa kahirapan.”

Sisi’s family has always been supportive of her volleyball career. They have traveled all over the country to watch her play. In 2019, they were able to watch her win the UAAP championship with the University of Santo Tomas.

Sisi is very close to her family. She often talks about them in interviews and on social media. She is grateful for their support and she knows that they are always there for her.

Here are some additional details about Sisi Rondina’s family:

  • Her mother, Alona, is a dressmaker.
  • Her father, Arnold, is a fisherman.
  • She has three sisters: Christina, Karen, and Criselda.
  • Her sisters are also volleyball players.
  • Her family is from Compostela, Cebu.
  • They are very supportive of her volleyball career.

Alona Rondina: A Mother’s Love and Support

Alona Rondina, Sisi Rondina’s mother, has been a pillar of strength and support throughout her daughter’s journey. Her constant encouragement, guidance, and sacrifices have played a crucial role in Sisi’s success. Alona’s love for her daughter and her unwavering belief in Sisi’s abilities have been a driving force in the athlete’s career.

Arnold Rondina: A Father’s Guidance and Inspiration

Arnold Rondina, Sisi Rondina’s father, has been an integral part of her journey as well. As a father, he has provided guidance, motivation, and inspiration to Sisi, always pushing her to strive for greatness. Arnold’s belief in his daughter’s potential and his continuous support have played a significant role in shaping Sisi’s career.

Siblings: A Supportive Family Unit

In addition to her parents, Sisi Rondina is blessed with the love and support of her siblings. Although information about her siblings is not widely available, it is evident that their presence in her life has contributed to her personal growth and development.

Sisi Rondina’s Siblings: Strength in Unity

While specific details about Sisi Rondina’s siblings may not be widely known, it is clear that they form an essential part of her supportive family unit. Siblings often provide companionship, understanding, and encouragement, creating a strong support system for individuals pursuing their dreams. Sisi Rondina’s siblings have undoubtedly played a crucial role in her life, offering unwavering support and cheering her on every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who are Sisi Rondina’s parents?
    • Sisi Rondina’s parents are Alona and Arnold Rondina. They have been a significant source of love, support, and guidance throughout her career.
  2. What is Sisi Rondina’s date of birth?
    • Sisi Rondina was born on February 6, 1996.
  3. Which university did Sisi Rondina attend?
    • Sisi Rondina attended the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines.
  4. Has Sisi Rondina represented the Philippines in international tournaments?
    • Yes, Sisi Rondina has proudly represented the Philippines in international competitions such as the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Volleyball Championship.
  5. What role did Sisi Rondina play in the UST women’s volleyball team?
    • Sisi Rondina played a crucial role as a member of the UST Golden Tigresses, showcasing her exceptional athleticism, powerful spikes, and unmatched determination.
  6. How has Sisi Rondina’s family contributed to her success?
    • Sisi Rondina’s parents, Alona and Arnold Rondina, have provided unwavering love, support, and guidance throughout her career. Their belief in her abilities and sacrifices have been instrumental in shaping her success.

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