Suitcase Case Crime: Why Did Sarah Boone Trap Her Boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr In A Suitcase? Arrest And Charges

A look at “Suitcase Case Crime: Why Did Sarah Boone Trap Her Boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr In A Suitcase?” As a result of Sarah Boone’s arrest for second-degree murder, her suitcase case has been trending on social media.

As a result of an innocent game of hide and seek in 2020, a man’s death sparked renewed interest when his partner was charged with second-degree murder.

Under the guise of playing a game, Sarah Boone of Florida left her lover Jorge Torres Jr. zipped inside a bag for hours in February 2020.

Sarah found Jorge inside a bag and zipped him inside after he concealed it within. The pair played hide-and-seek while sipping wine.

Suitcase Case Crime: Why Did Sarah Boone Trap Her Boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr In A Suitcase?

Footage of Sarah Boone’s Suitcase video from 2020, in which she zipped her partner to the point where he lost his ability to breathe, has emerged online.

In a two-minute video found on Boone’s phone, she is purportedly heard giggling while insulting Torres. The boyfriend continued shouting her name and said he was having difficulty breathing. Boone answers by saying he choked her in that manner.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Case
Sarah Boone And Jorge Torres Jr (source: Clickorlando)

From within the bag, the man is heard shouting, “I can’t breathe,” as Sarah said, “This is for all you have done to me. Stupid.” Jorge kept stating that he couldn’t breathe while Sarah was unconscious on her bed, foolishly assuming that he would awaken himself.

Sarah will appear for a pretrial hearing on January 30, three years after the tragic occurrence.

The court scheduled a pretrial meeting for March 28 and a trial for April 10. A status meeting has been scheduled for the end of January.

Boone is suspected of murdering her lover, 42-year-old Jorge Torres Jr., who was zipped into a suitcase and left for hours at their Winter Park home during a game of hide-and-seek.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Case: Arrest And Charges Explored

On Tuesday, January 17, the defense lawyer notified, having been informed by the court that the case “is not ready for trial,” he still needed to talk with Boone and identify subject-matter experts for her defense.

Additionally, the attorney asked that the trial be moved to April since he had another case in February.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Case
Sarah Boone Suitcase Case arrested (source: Nbcnews)

Boone told detectives that she and Torres had been drinking wine and playing hide-and-seek when she went upstairs and dozed out in bed. She claimed she awoke hours later to her cell phone ringing repeatedly.

She called 911 before deputies arrived and heard Torres had died.

She then allegedly noticed her partner was still inside the luggage, and when she opened it, she discovered Torres was unconscious and not breathing. Deputies arrived to discover Boone dead after he dialed 911.

Authorities claimed they discovered footage on Boone’s phone of her documenting Torres attempting to escape from the luggage.

In December, Boone wrote to the judge, expressing various concerns, including an apparent lack of contact from the judge handling her case or her defense counsel.

However, according to online records, Boone has yet to request a new attorney. She also stated that she intends to write a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding the “mismanagement of my case.”

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