Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable

A look at “Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable” One of the most popular celeb makeup trends at the moment? Celebrities in bare faces with no makeup. It’s not that we have anything against cosmetics; mastering a smokey eye or finding the ideal red lipstick gives you tremendous power.

You can feel fantastic even with just a well-defined brow. But the same is true of accepting and embracing yourself as you are, with all your natural, distinctive features shining through.

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable

In honor of that, we’re praising the renowned faces whose faces we’ve caught on Instagram or through paparazzi, all of whom are acting naturally. Follow us as we review some of the most iconic celebrity selfies taken sans makeup. Here are some famous people who look completely different without makeup.

1. Nicki Minaj

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable
Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable – Nick Minaj with and without makeup ( Source : younghollywood )

Nicki Minaj is renowned for often altering her appearance; as a result, it can be challenging to determine what hair color or style she is sporting at any time. To sum up, the proud New Yorker always wears a killer style.

In a screen capture uploaded to Twitter by a devoted fan, Nicki Minaj appeared gorgeously makeup-free, proving that she is even more beautiful on the inside. However, the famous rapper enjoys experimenting with everything from hair to nails and everything in between. Minaj acknowledges that she experiences severe breakouts if she doesn’t remove her makeup every single time. The rapper only needs lip conditioner and pink lipstick when she’s not working to keep her going.

2. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato with and without makeup
Demi Lovato with and without makeup ( Source : thelist )

Demi Lovato values her aesthetic innateness. Demi Lovato showcased their selfie-taking prowess by donning no makeup. To embrace and promote the idea of positive body image to others, they have poted quite a few in the past, including a naked, no makeup, no retouching session with Vanity Fair.

Although the singer generally has an outstanding appearance, this performance kind of fell flat. Before we identified Demi, we would have assumed this was the grown-up child from Jerry Maguire due to the blond hair with black roots or simply the odd angle.

3. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway with and without makeup
Anne Hathaway with and without makeup ( Source : stylesatlife )

We’ve watched Anne Hathaway change over the past 20 years from a teen superstar to a frequent red-carpet highlight, sporting iconic hair and makeup looks, including sleek pixies and wavy lobs. With almost two decades to analyze, it is evident that Hathaway is still unafraid to try new things while still being aware that having luminous skin is always in style.

Anne has never shied away from speaking out about important topics or letting her fans know about causes she believes in. One of those things is giving women the confidence to feel at ease in their own flesh. Thus she doesn’t mind getting out without makeup, as reflected in the above picture.

4. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner with and without makeup
Kylie Jenner with and without makeup ( Source : com )

People’s primary concern when seeing Kylie’s face is that she was fortunate to have fantastic plastic surgery. The actress displays a smaller nose and larger lips when she wears cosmetics. Her beauty collections frequently celebrate gorgeous color schemes. She adds vibrant colors to accentuate her tan skin, such as powder blue matte eyeshadow. She enjoys applying a full face of makeup, but occasionally she just wants to unwind and enjoy her natural beauty.

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with and without makeup
Lady Gaga with and without makeup ( Source : womenshealthmag )

Lady Gaga is the only performer with a greater reputation for wild appearances than her music. The “Born This Way” singer never ceases to astound, whether it’s with her bizarre outfits like the meat dress, that odd egg thing, or the countless other ones that made her look like she was going to a masquerade ball in Hell.

The singer won’t hesitate to upload a candid photo, though. She does appear drastically different, yet she is still gorgeous. There is no disputing the fact that we all adore her, even when she doesn’t wear cosmetics, even though her fashion sense may be occasionally admired and occasionally loathed.

6. Kate Upton

Kate Upton with and without makeup
Kate Upton with and without makeup ( Source : thelist )

Unquestionably stunning, Kate Upton is always prepared for the camera. After she posted her makeup-free selfie on Instagram, she gained even more admiration from her followers. Nothing about this Sports Illustrated model is straightforward. We would refinance our home for her hot appearance and golden curls.

Without makeup, she resembles an “average schoolgirl” more than a “50s pin-up,” nonetheless. Even when she’s only dressed in workout gear, Upton still exudes a girl-next-door charm. Whatever the case, there isn’t a good reason to put on makeup before a likely taxing workout.

7. Adele

Adele with and without makeup
Adele with and without makeup ( Source : yeetmagazine )

Adele would instead draw attention to drama and glitz than authenticity or sobriety. So it was a noticeable change to see the singer in her 2016 Instagram selfie sans even a hint of eyeliner. People would definitely trade in their heirlooms for her beautiful complexion if they came across her on the street.

When performing, Adele has stated in interviews that she prefers to wear “really dramatic makeup” that shapes “Boy George-style with tons of blush on my cheeks.” On the other hand, she’s not frightened to go out in public without makeup. Selfies without makeup can be found throughout her entire Instagram account and seem to arise whenever the mood strikes.

8. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes with and without makeup
Katie Holmes with and without makeup ( Source : pinterest )

Katie Holmes transitioned from being the “Girl Next Door” to an A-lister in Hollywood. Studios have poured everything into getting her to take part in their initiatives. Casting directors were turned off by the unguarded image of Katie taken in 2013 while she was filming Mania Days.

Fortunately, this was a transient error, and Katie quickly reverted to her gorgeous character, as demonstrated by her appearance at the 2017 New York premiere of The Tick. However, fans still find her beautiful with or without makeup.

9. Shakira

Shakira with and without makeup
Shakira with and without makeup ( Source : insider )

People have been swaying their hips to Shakira’s songs for decades. She is undeniably stunning, both with and without makeup. Shakira has undeniable natural beauty, which may be due to the adorable manner she styled her hair in a “birthday” bun.

Shakira can rock no matter how much (or how little) makeup she’s wearing. Given her international renown, it might be a stretch to argue that she could go “unrecognized” anywhere, but let’s see her give it a try by wandering around Times Square with her hair arranged in this way.

10. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone with and without makeup
Sharon Stone with and without makeup ( Source : huffpost )

When Sharon Stone was featured in Basic Instinct in 1992, her career reached its pinnacle. Her incredible figure and flawless natural attractiveness made her blonde bombshell character a period icon. But this 25-year-old selfie without makeup shows how time has worn down her features. Thankfully, modern cosmetics can do wonders. Sharon Stone still looks stunning on the red carpet with some help.

11. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler with and without makeup
Chelsea Handler with and without makeup ( Source : thelist )

Chelsea Handler became well-known with her daring stand-up humor, unreserved autobiographies, and no-holds-barred talk show on E. It’s not surprising that her #NoMakeup photo is among the roughest of the bunch, as she has been sharing topless pictures on Twitter for years. The purposefully poor image appears to have been staged more as an attempt to mimic one of those “after” photos for a substance usage awareness campaign.

12. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks with and without makeup
Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable – Tyra Banks with and without makeup ( Source : brightside )

Tyra Banks is inherently beautiful; therefore, it would be absurd to suggest that she needs to put on makeup in order to look good. According to the Times, Tyra is among the most influential people, and with good cause. She decided to post a selfie on Instagram that was absolutely devoid of makeup, thanks to her inner power.

She wasn’t the first African-American woman to appear on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover for nothing, after all. But she’s not exactly helping herself with these weird eyes and derpy facial expressions. There is definitely an ex-girlfriend vibe in the air.

13. Katy Perry

Katy Perry with and without makeup
Katy Perry with and without makeup ( Source : toofab )

Over the years, Katy Perry has altered her appearance to fit her preferences. She was simply stunning in each of them. Of course, the star made enormous efforts to come across as creative as possible. The singer couldn’t have anticipated her then-husband Russell Brand posting a photo of her bare face on Twitter.

The actor quickly removed the post, but the tabloids scooped it up, and the picture is still floating around. Despite everyone’s expectations after he made such a dumb move, their marriage miraculously continued for another year and a half, lasting precisely one year, five months, and thirty days longer than anyone had anticipated.

No matter how beautiful they are, there isn’t a person on Earth who wants a picture taken a right after they wake up splashed on the internet. This isn’t meant to belittle Katy in any way; she’s obviously a knockout.

14. RuPaul

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable
RuPaul with and without makeup ( Source : yeetmagazine )

You could describe this as a sharp contrast. Whether or not she is in drag, RuPaul always looks stunning when she is made up. However, maintaining that famous appearance requires a lot of effort, so there will be times when RuPaul Andre Charles simply won’t look like the RuPaul we all know. Unsurprisingly, you anticipate seeing something radically different from the norm when a well-known drag queen takes a selfie without makeup.

One such instance is a scene from a since-deleted 2016 photograph shot while he and his boyfriend of more than 20 years, Georges LeBar, were visiting San Francisco. If not for his Instagram account and a few uncostumed public appearances, it seems pretty possible that RuPaul could go through life completely unnoticed. The only time you’ll see RuPaul in drag is when he’s actually being paid for the show, as he’s stated on numerous occasions.

15. Zoe Saldana

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable
Zoe Saldana with and without makeup ( Source : eonline )

Since she was cast in Crossroads as Britney Spears’ pal Kit, Zoe Saldana has made significant progress. She now controls a prominent place in the cosmos, including the Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avatar movie franchises.

Saldana can go a long way without makeup when she is on Earth, as she demonstrated at the beginning of 2016 when she captioned an Instagram selfie with the phrase “Yikes — the true scenario.” I tell you what girl, things aren’t that bad. It’s not shocking to see her attempting to avoid makeup after putting on a lot of makeup for her role as Neytiri in the film Avatar. But we truly hope she’ll return to it for Avatar 2’s sequel.

16. Kesha

Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable
Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable – Kesha with and without makeup ( Source : heraldweekly )

Kesha appears to be a movie star when she wears plenty of makeup. Without it, she resembles any other young woman with cute freckles. Kesha’s face looks like that of a 16-year-old girl without makeup. Although she frequently shares pictures of herself without makeup, it would be a stretch to call her “unrecognizable” without it.

Additionally, her attitude or message is not always upbeat when she does so. She posted a photo of herself facing forward on Instagram in August 2016, along with an open statement about withdrawing her sexual assault claim against producer Dr. Luke. In January 2019, Kesha offered fans a second peek at her natural beauty by posting a close-up photo of her many beautiful freckles on Twitter.

17. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani with and without makeup
Gwen Stefani with and without makeup ( Source : yeetmagazine )

Stefani’s decision to ditch the typical heavy makeup and opt for a more “earthy” look for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards drew criticism from various social media users. However, at the exact moment on Instagram, Stefani did more (or was it less?) than simply remove her signature eyeliner and bright red lipstick, both of which have become standard for her over the course of her more than 20 years in the public spotlight.

She removed everything. You can see she just woke up, but whoa. Her blonde hair is the cherry on top, and her red makeup complements virtually anything. We’re not even sure if she needs foundation based on the state of her natural skin. In a selfie shared on Instagram in May 2016, Stefani never looked more endearing or hotter.

18. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba with and without makeup
Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable – Jessica Alba with and without makeup ( Source : thelist )

Like the majority of the other people on this list, Jessica Alba is a natural beauty who did something awkward in addition to forgoing makeup. Jessica Alba posted this selfie, but it’s unclear what she was going for.

A lady so beautiful, Jessica is practically the face of her own billion-dollar corporation ends up looking like a hot mess in a blurry, sweaty, post-workout photo. But Jess is naturally attractive, and even without makeup, she still looks stunning.

19. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts with and without makeup
Naomi Watts with and without makeup ( Source : thelist )

Naomi Watts has the appearance of a Hollywood and big screen actress because of her blonde hair, blue eyes, and warm skin. The process is everything with this one. Before the 2016 Oscars, Naomi Watts had a facial when Spotlight (in which her former longtime companion, Liev Schreiber, co-starred) won the best picture.

Watts decided to publish a selfie of herself without makeup as she received therapy in order to share one of her most outstanding photos of herself. She acted bravely but also honestly. Without hard work or having treatments like these done to your face, it’s impossible to maintain a movie star appearance.

20. NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes with and without makeup
Top 20 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Are Completely Unrecognizable – NeNe Leakes with and without makeup ( Source : pinterest )

NeNeNe Leakes unquestionably has an ideal smile among celebrities. She still looks stunning even in this picture where she is not wearing makeup. She avoids criticism because of her attractive teeth. All she needs is pink lipstick, foundation, blush, properly formed eyelash extensions, and brows to appear excellent.

NeNe was so thrilled to get good news from her husband one morning that she shared it with her admirers on Instagram in a since-deleted post and made a fast video while not donning any makeup. On a leg of her nascent comedy club tour, she had sold out two performances in North Carolina, so she didn’t care.

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