Was Actor Sathish Vajra Killed by His Brother In Law

Was Actor Sathish Vajra Killed by His Brother In Law? On June 18, 2022, Sathish Vajra was stabbed numerous times in the abdomen with a sharp knife, prompting speculation that his brother-in-law killed him in a fit of wrath.

Vajra was an aspiring Kannada actor and a well-known YouTuber who had amassed a sizable fan base in recent years as a result of his performing and social media output. People praised his portrayal in the Kannada film Lagori in particular.

Furthermore, his content was well received on social media, since he was well-known for his excellent films on YouTube and Instagram. He was also the president of the Mandya Prajwal Devaraj Fans’ Association. He was also running the salon because he used to be a hairstylist for movie stars.

People are shocked to learn about his murder as he was a simple and humble person. Moreover, people never expected someone could murder him as he was a polite person in the neighborhood.

Was Sathish Vajra Killed by His Brother In Law? Actor Murder Revenge To Wife Death
People loved Sathish Vajra’s acting performance in Kannada movie Lagori (source : Instagram)

Was Actor Sathish Vajra Killed by His Brother In Law? Explored

Sathish Vajra’s brutal murder shocked the nation as the murderer slit his neck and stabbed him multiple times. Meanwhile, the investigating team suspected his brother-in-law killed Sathish out of rage. In addition, the RR Nagar Police team has arrested his brother-in-law, Sudarshan, and another relative, Nagendra, for investigation.

In particular, a tenant informed the police about the murder. He was living alone at Pattanagere near Basavanna Temple after the death of his wife. The tenant saw blood drops in the passage and called the building owner. They found Satish in blood after they opened the door.

Actor Sathish Vajra Murder Revenge To Wife Death

Sathish Vajra’s murder has brought confusion as people have linked it with the revenge for his wife’s death. According to Dr. Sanjeev Patil, DCP, the motive behind the murder could be the reason for the ill-treatment of Sathish’s wife before her death and the fight over the custody of their child.

Vajra was in a romantic relationship with his wife before marrying his late wife. His wife reportedly died from a heart problem seven months ago. On the other hand, his wife’s family accused she died due to her carelessness of Sathish. The family accused him of never looking for her health.

However, the court has not announced any verdict at the current date regarding this murder case. Further, the police department has undertaken Sudarshan and Nagendra for further investigation.

Sathish Vajra, Kannada actor, was murdered on June 18, 2022
Sathish Vajra, Kannada actor, was murdered on June 18, 2022 (source : Instagram)

How Old Was Sathish Vajra When He Died? Age Explored

Sathish Vajra had reached the age of 32 this year as he was born in 1986. However, his exact date of birth is still the subject of suspense as it is not available on the web at the current date. On the other hand, he died due to multiple stabs on June 18, 2022.

He was from Maddur, Mandya, where he was residing in Rajarajeshwarinagar. The officer reportedly rushed him to a nearby private hospital, but he succumbed later in the day.

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