What Happened To Capital FM DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi?

What Happened To Capital FM DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi? After its spinmaster, Alex Nderi, DJ Lithium, swallowed rat poison within the media house offices yesterday night, the Capital FM crew is in mourning. His followers and others who knew him are devastated by the news of his death.

DJ Lithium describes himself as a music lover who prefers R&B to hip hop, despite his skill and passion for EDM and Afrohouse performances.

What Happened To Capital FM DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi?

He liked his job as a DJ at Capital FM, where he hosted the Club Capital program from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. every Friday and the Jam Fridays from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Lithium has produced a number of shows in Nairobi’s major urban areas while working as a producer for Capital FM.

What Happened To Capital FM DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi? Death Cause Revealed Suicide Or Accident?

According to several media sources, Lithium AKA Alex Nderi, the Capital FM radio DJ, committed himself after taking poison at the station’s offices in Nairobi.

He died while being treated at a hospital in Nairobi. As per close friends, the deejay erased all of his social media profiles before posting a suicide note.

He then walked to the bathroom to stop his lifestyle, putting behind his suicide letter at his seat, which coworkers say will be left for the families to open.

After taking the poison, the deejay walked back to his workplace and fell, with his coworkers feverishly attempting to revive him.

They even referred to a first responders organization, AMREF, but it was too late. The late DJ will be recalled as a brilliant multi-style DJ.

Was DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi Married?

We’re not even sure if DJ Lithium was married or not, as he never disclosed any information about his wife.

He never publicly discussed her life partner. Thus, we don’t have any precise information. Either the actor was single or kept his relationship a secret from the public.

Furthermore, Lithium has not revealed any information about her previous relationships or hookups.

More on DJ Lithium Aka Alex Nderi Biography

Lithium was a DJ for almost 27 years, beginning her career on radio at the age of 13.

He was bored of the mainstream after listening to Top 40 and other genres. At the age of 13, he purchased his first album by the British Pop Duo The Pet Shop Boys.

That was the beginning of his passion for electronic dance music. Later in life, he returned to the radio but relocated to the city, where he worked as a Gentlemen Club DJ for many years.

He was noted for taking a Gentlemen’s Club and turning it into a thriving venture. He saw that the music in these establishments was always Rock and Old Rock, and he was known for playing Techno instead of the usual Rock and Roll.

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