What Happened To Matt Hughs & How Long Has He Been In A Coma? Does He Have An Illness? Explored

What Happened To Matt Hughs & How Long Has He Been In A Coma? Matt Hughes is a former wrestler who has a background in martial arts. He was practically out of the public after he gave up his passion for fighting in 2013, but one incident that put him in a bad spot has people revisiting his life time and time again.

Although he has been retired for nine years, the two-time UFC Welterweight Champion and member of the UFC and NJCAA Halls of Fame is always in the news because to his near-death experience. Let’s take a look at what happened to him on that fateful day in 2017.

What Happened To Matt Hughs & How Long Has He Been In A Coma?

The man who was considered the number martial artist during his active years, Matt Hughes did have his lowest days, which might not be known to everybody. He got hit by a train in the year 2017 resulting in severe injury. He went into a medically induced coma.

It is unimaginable for someone who threw bods weighing 100kgs to have to start it all from the beginning due to an unfortunate incident. Hughes said in an interview that he had one of the worst phases of his lifetime.

What Happened To Matt Hughs & How Long Has He Been In A Coma? Does He Have An Illness? Explored

He started with simple steps to living again, breathing again, smiling again. painful as may sound but he began learning how to walk, function normally as a human, talk, and basic movements.

however, if you are now concerned about his well-being, he is perfectly fine. An article written in 2021 by a reputed site exclaims that he can now make light of the nightmare he had 5 years back.

Does Matt Hughes Have An Injury?

Matt Hughes is now reported to be fully recovered from the accident. When the incident happened, he was diagnosed with an illness. Hughes suffered a Grade 3 diffuse axonal injury which is basically brain bleeding.

His family stated in a statement on June 18 that he had no broken bones or internal damage despite being unconscious and not breathing. But because he suffered a Grade 3 diffuse axonal damage, medical professionals put him into a coma, where he remained for 19 days (a brain bleed).

The former MMA fighter also suffered long-lasting harm to his body and brain that only became worse with time. His legs weren’t as strong as they formerly were. But he has been receiving counseling ever since the incident to enable him to return to regular life with his family and friends.

Matt himself mentioned that he got into the worst possible brain injury. That was the major reason behind the athlete having to re-learn basic stuff in life.

When a child is born his memory is developed by practicing. we’ve been taught, ‘Practice makes a man perfect and this time, the saying fits well with the injured former martial artist. He had to learn things like he was back to being a child.

The bruise was not only physical but mental as well. He did lose productive years of his life on the bed. even though he had already been retired from the job he was doing since the beginning, the accident did halt his way of life, to say the least.

On a brighter note, the artist is completely fine now and is moving towards better things in life.

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