Who Is Luca Scalisi And Why Is He Arrested? Del Records CFo Link With Mexican Drug Cartel

Who Is Luca Scalisi And Why Is He Arrested? Due to their involvement in a plot to circumvent the Narcotics Kingpin Act, the FBI arrested Dell Entertainment CEO Angel Dale Villar and CFO Luca Scalisi.

Luca Scalisi founded her conservation company in London in 1995 after serving as the Senior Conservator of Paintings for 11 years.

Lucia has worked as a conservation studies lecturer at City & Guilds in London, an instructor at Georgia’s Academy of Conservation in Tbilisi, and a consultant for Egypt’s The Levantine Foundation/Deir al-Surian Desert Monastery.

Who Is Luca Scalisi?

Lucia Scalisi is a presenter for The Repair Shop, an instructor, and a trained painting conservator.

She has been a cast member of The Repair Shop since it debuted on the BBC in 2017. She restores antiques for viewers. She specializes in paintings and the fine arts, making her skill set one of the most distinctive in the workshop.

She frequently discusses the process of restoring prized artworks to their former splendor with host Jay Blades. Here is all the information you require regarding the show’s star’s age.

Who Is Luca Scalisi And Why Is He Arrested
Lucia Scalisi is a presenter for The Repair Shop, an instructor, and a trained painting conservator.

Lucia started working in conservation after earning a 2.1 Cons at Sheffield University. She graduated from the University of Northumbria, formerly Gateshead Technical College, with a diploma in the preservation of easel paintings. In 1984 she started working for the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Luca Scalisi, the CFO of DEL Entertainment, was also seized. Both executives had their bonds released on Tuesday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement that reads as follows, DEL Records CEO Angel del Villar was detained by FBI agents and is now facing charges of conspiring to break the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. Additionally detained was DEL Entertainment’s CFO, Luca Scalisi.

Del Villar and Scalisi, according to the U.S. Attorney, were accused of engaging in business with a concert producer based in Guadalajara who had connections to Mexican drug cartels. Jesus Perez Alvear, the leader of Gallistica Diamante and, until March 2019, a concert promoter for DEL Entertainment, is a third defendant listed in the case.

Lucia has been a part of The Repair Shop cast since it started airing on the BBC in 2017
Lucia has been a part of The Repair Shop cast since it started airing on the BBC in 2017

According to the criminal complaint, on April 19, 2018, FBI agents approached a well-known musician, who is referred to as Individual in the complaint, and informed him directly about Perez’s Kingpin Act designation, which barred him from doing business with him and performing at events that Perez promoted.

Nearly ten days later, Person A entered the stage at a concert put on by Perez. To get to the event in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Person A was flown there on a private plane, which was paid for with Del Villar’s credit card.

Luca Scalisi Net Worth 2022 -How Rich Is She

Luca Scalisi’s profession as a CFO of DEL Entertainment has contributed to her $3 million net worth. There is no additional information available regarding her earnings or pay.

She is a British television personality who became well-known and well-recognized by appearing on the British Broadcasting Corporation program The Repair Shop. The presenter of this program and one of the painting conservators, Lucia, is currently employed.

After earning a diploma in the conservation of easel paintings from the University of Northumbria, she started her career in protection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1984. Before founding a conservation studio in private practice in London, she worked at the V&A for 11 years as a Senior Painter’s Conservator.

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