Who Is The Voice Dani Stacy Boyfriend Jc Balserak? Dating Timeline

Find out “Who Is The Voice Dani Stacy Boyfriend Jc Balserak?” As Dani Stacy garners acclaim on the 25th season of The Voice, highlighted by a remarkable Four-Chair Turn, curiosity about her personal life, particularly her partner, grows among fans.

Starting her musical voyage at 13 with her initial strumming on a guitar, the Hanford-born artist ventured into songwriting in the privacy of her room. This secret passion, however, could not be contained for long. Dani quickly gained recognition, earning the title of “Best Female Artist” in Ventura County, celebrated for her melodious voice and innate talent.

Who Is The Voice Dani Stacy Boyfriend Jc Balserak? Dating Timeline
Who Is The Voice Dani Stacy Boyfriend Jc Balserak? Dating Timeline… (Source: Instagram)

In a significant leap of faith in 2020, Dani released her single “Lie to Me,” subsequently moving to Nashville to further her music career. Her unique vocal style, marked by a subtle rasp and emotionally charged melodies, sets her apart.

With a growing discography that includes soul-stirring tracks such as “Settled On You,” “Peaches,” and “Lonely,” Dani Stacy continues to enchant her audience, showcasing her genuineness and profound ability to tell stories through music.

Quick Facts About The Voice Contestant Dani Stacy and Boyfriend JC Balserak

Fact Details
Full Name Dani Stacy
Age 31 years old (as of February 2024)
Profession Singer-songwriter
Origin Originally from Hanford, California
Relationship Status In a romantic relationship with JC Balserak since July 2021
Boyfriend JC Balserak is a social worker and singer-songwriter
The Voice Season Contestant on Season 25 of “The Voice”
Audition Song Sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” during the blind audition
Net Worth Estimated between $200,000 and $500,000
Instagram Handle: @dani_Stacy, with over 15.3K followers as of February 2024

Dani Stacy, a talented singer-songwriter from Hanford, California, gained recognition as a contestant on “The Voice” Season 25. She captured the hearts of the coaches with her powerful blind audition performance of “I Will Survive.” Dani is in a relationship with JC Balserak, a social worker and fellow singer-songwriter, since July 2021. Her estimated net worth ranges between $200,000 and $500,000.

Who Is The Voice Dani Stacy Boyfriend Jc Balserak?

While not widely recognized, Dani Stacy’s boyfriend, James “JC” Balserak, is a multifaceted individual with a rich background spanning music, business, and social work.

JC Balserak earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on Music Business and Production from Belmont University. Initially, he made his mark in the music industry, applying his marketing and business expertise to carve out a niche for himself.

However, a pivotal moment in JC’s career occurred when he was drawn towards social work, leading him to pursue an internship with AIMHiTN in 2021, facilitated by the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. This experience proved to be transformative, setting JC on a new professional path.

By 2022, JC had embraced a full-time role as AIMHiTN’s Marketing & Communications Advisor, where he could merge his business skills with his newfound passion for social work, making a significant impact in the community.

Despite the demands of his professional life, JC’s ardor for music remains undiminished. He actively continues to write, record, and perform, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his musical endeavors.

Beyond his professional interests, JC is an avid outdoorsman who cherishes time spent in nature, whether it be fishing, backpacking, or exploring in his self-converted camper van, often accompanied by his girlfriend, Dani Stacy. Together, they share adventures and create memories, underscoring their deep bond and shared love for exploration and the arts.

Dani Stacy And Jc Balserak Dating Timeline

Dani Stacy and JC Balserak’s romance is as captivating as their musical talents, creating a love story that resonates with both fans and fellow artists. Since they began dating on July 18, 2021, their relationship has flourished, showcasing a bond that transcends mere partnership to embody true friendship.

The details of their previous relationships remain private, yet it’s evident that they find unparalleled joy in each other’s presence. Their connection is rooted in a profound understanding and mutual passions, enriching their lives together.

Watch Dani Stacy's Blind Audition on The Voice Season 25 | NBC Insider
Watch Dani Stacy’s Blind Audition on The Voice Season 25 | NBC Insider

Both Dani and JC are active on social media, sharing their journey and expressing their affection publicly. Dani, in a particularly touching New Year’s post, expressed her deep gratitude for JC, calling him her “bff” and highlighting his unwavering support for her music career. She fondly recalled their year together as “random, but so much fun,” filled with music, travel, and new friendships, all with JC by her side.

JC, though less frequent in his posts, makes his feelings for Dani clear, celebrating their first anniversary by praising Dani as a “wild woman” who brings adventure and beautiful music into his life. He cherishes Dani for embracing him as he is, showcasing their relationship’s depth, marked by shared adventures, mutual passions, and a profound understanding.

Together, Dani and JC inspire their audience with their love, music, and adventures. Their fans look forward to their future, with many hoping for marriage on the horizon. While the future remains unwritten for this enchanting duo, it’s clear they share a deep, soulmate-level connection, navigating life’s journey with love and music as their guide.

How Dani Stacy and JC Balserak Met

Dani Stacy, an evocative singer-songwriter hailing from Hanford, California, crossed paths with JC Balserak in July 2021. Like Dani, JC is not only dedicated to his work in social welfare but also shares her passion for music as a singer-songwriter. Their connection deepened into a romantic relationship that has been flourishing ever since.

As a contender on Season 25 of “The Voice,” Dani Stacy has seized the spotlight, showcasing her profound talent and ardor for music. Her performances on the show are not just displays of vocal ability but are imbued with deep emotional resonance and storytelling that have struck a chord with both the audience and the judges. Dani’s soulful voice and the depth of her performances continue to garner admiration and inspire her growing fan base.

For those eager to stay updated on Dani Stacy’s musical endeavors and captivating performances, following her on her official website and YouTube channel is highly recommended. These platforms provide a window into her evolving journey as an artist, offering fans and new listeners alike the chance to experience the full breadth of her musical talents.

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