Is BBC Presenter Alex Jones Leaving The One Show: Why? Is She Sick/Ill

Why Is BBC Presenter Alex Jones Leaving The One Show? The host of The One Show announced that Alex Jones and her castmates will be taking a break from the program.

The disclosure was made last night during the airing of the well-liked BBC One primetime show (Wednesday).


Why Is BBC Presenter Alex Jones Leaving The One Show?

BBC presenter Alex Jones is leaving The One Show for almost one month. While announcing the news, she stated, “That’s your lot this week and for the next three weeks while we’re on vacation.”

“We’ll return on August 22. Until then, remain safe and enjoy your summer.”


Why Is BBC Presenter Alex Jones Leaving The One Show? Is She Sick/Ill
Alex Jones says goodbye to The One Show before taking an extended break from television. ( Source : Mirror )


The official Twitter account for The One Show also acknowledged the extended break, writing: “That’s all the time we have tonight! Thank you for tuning in!”

“After a thrilling summer of sports, the #TheOneShow will return on August 22nd! We hope you everyone have a safe and fun summer!” they said.

It comes just days after the Welsh broadcaster opened up on social media about a “tricky and hard patch” in her life, according to Wales Online.

“Things have been a bit tough for us recently and in all honesty, I haven’t had time to be on here between working and the children. But I randomly checked on and noticed all your kind comments gently asking if we were all well,” the television actress added in the statement.

However, it stunned some fans when @djrustynail tweeted: “Was that the final episode of #theoneshow? They kept it casual, with no one-hour specials or highlights packages from the previous six months.”

Is Alex Jones Sick?- Illness And Health Update 2022

Alex Jones mentioned in The One Show that he is having trouble with a sore throat, though she did not go into detail. As she launched the show on Monday, July 4 with a croaky voice and begged fans for cures, the Welsh broadcaster stated she was “better” than she had been.

As the first episode of the week began, Alex’s co-host Jermaine Jenas stated that the 45-year-old was “powering through,” adding that her voice sounded “a little bit ropey.”


Alex Jones: The presenter asked people to send remedies for her sore throat.
Alex Jones: The presenter asked people to send remedies for her sore throat. ( Source : Hellomagazine )


Jermaine went on to say: “Al, you sound a little shaky, are you fine? Your tone is a little…” Alex said, “Better than I was.” “However, it is sponsored by pineapple juice.”

As she sought to aid, the mother-of-three described her sore throat as “frustrating.” “If you have any home cures, please send them in; it’s the most annoying thing!” Alex stated.

Jermaine continued: “It is, people, she is pushing through. Send her your treatments to assist her.”

We hope she is getting better now and got to enjoy her vacation.

Where Is Alex Jones Going To Work?

No, Alex Jones is not going to work anywhere, she will be back hosting The One’s Show after three weeks. She just took a little break away from work to spend time with her family.

Furthermore, she recently gave birth to her baby girl in August 2021 and has two older sons. She also shared on Instagram that it was getting difficult for her to manage her work life and children.

She also appreciates her fans for their concern and assures them to enjoy the start of the holidays because there’s still much to be joyful about!

She further promises to share her trip with her followers on her Instagram story.

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