Why Is Jacques Leaving Love Island? Mental Health And ADHD Update, Why Is He Leaving The Show?

Let’s find out “Why Is Jacques Leaving Love Island?” The family of Love Island participant Jacques O’Neill makes an impassioned plea to the viewers of the show as they expose their loved one’s hidden condition.

After Jacques and Paige had a significant dispute about his relationship with Cheyanne Kerr, 23, in Casa Amor, Jacques was accused of being manipulative, and Paige decided to kick him out of the competition.

Jacques Love Island Mental Health Update, Has He Got ADHD?

As a result of the intense interactions that took place in the Love Island villa on Friday night, Jacques O’Neill’s family has disclosed that the Love Island star suffers from ADHD and has difficulties controlling his emotions.

Why Is Jacques Leaving Love Island?
Jacques Is Leaving Love Island. ( Source : Msn )

When Paige found out that Jacques had been having encounters with other girls while they were in Casa Amor, she and Jacques almost ended their relationship. Paige was upset that Jacques had been flirting with other women at the villa. After an intense dispute, the two ended up crying together as a result of their feelings being hurt.

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Paige accused Jacques of not being open and honest about his sentiments toward her, which Jacques’ family addressed in the post on social media. They said that Jacques’s ADHD makes it difficult for him to properly regulate his feelings, which causes him to battle with emotional regulation regularly.

Why Is Jacques Leaving Love Island? Reason To Quit Explained

Jacques O’Neill, a contestant on the reality show Love Island, has just shockingly left the show in dramatic moments that have not yet been broadcast.

During an emotional conversation with Paige Thorne, the hottie, who is 23 years old, can be seen breaking down in tears in a first-look clip that was published in advance of Tuesday night’s program. The clip was released in anticipation of Tuesday night’s episode.

He had hinted that his efforts to win her back had not gone according to plan by saying that he would leave the show if she did not forgive him. He also said that he would leave the show if she did not forgive him.

His family has disclosed that he was given a diagnosis of ADHD when he was a child, which indicates that he struggles with his emotions as they address the furious backlash over his poor treatment of Paige.

Who Is Jacques O’Neill Sister?

Karen O’Neill is the sister of Jacques O’Neill, and she is currently managing her brother’s social media accounts while he is away at the villa. She has requested people to be more compassionate toward Jacques while he is suffering from ADHD and she hopes they would comply with her request.

The news that the Love Island star has been diagnosed with ADHD was broken by his sister, who pleaded with viewers to be gentle to him and offered an explanation for his behavior.

Jacques Has ADHD As Explained By His Family Members.
Jacques Has ADHD As Explained By His Family Members. ( Source : Skysports )

According to what she has heard, the animosity that is directed toward Jacques does not directly reach him. It pertains to his loved ones, who have not only been there for him during his time on Love Island but also throughout his life.

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