Why Is Love Island Star Lana Jenkins Video So Awkward On TikTok?

Find out “Why Is Love Island Star Lana Jenkins Video So Awkward On TikTok?” During the previous week’s episode, the makeup artist had an embarrassing [email protected] malfunction.

Winter Love Island 2023 aired on ITV2 on 16 January and is based on the British series Love Island.

A cast member of Winter Love Island, Lana Jenkins, headed into the South African villa.

In addition to working with several celebrities, the 25-year-old makeup artist lived in Spain when she was six years old and appeared in an episode of Benidorm.

Love Island cast member Lana Jenkins’ awkward video has generated a lot of curiosity. Read on to find out what happened.

Why Is Love Island Star Lana Jenkins Video So Awkward On TikTok?

The blonde beauty Lana Jenkins’s sexy lap dance was interrupted by an awkward [email protected] malfunction on 17 January 2023.

Love Island viewers and the audience were left in hysterics. The singletons gathered around the Fire pit for a wild game of dares in the second episode of Winter Love Island. The temperature soared among the participants.

When Lana, 25, sought to seduce Shaq Muhammad, 24, with her racy routine, her revealing black mini-skirt split open, leaving her mortified.

While she could not think about what she should do next, the makeup artist said, “oh god, my skirt. Right down the middle. Right down my crack!” Other participants were also shocked and could neither laugh nor say anything.

The video took the internet by storm. Now people appear to use the phrase “Lana Jenkins So Awkward” to share various other videos.

Love Island 2023: Viewers are left cringing as Lana Jenkins brushes off  Will Young | Daily Mail Online

The Love Island viewer soon took to social media to share how embarrassing the moment was. One social media user said she would never step foot in front of those people again.

Another wrote, “Lana’s mini skirt ripped. Not Lana splitting her skirt!” The third person joked, “Lana’s skirt: be right back after the break.

On the other hand, viewers also slammed Will Young’s less-than-fluid dance moves. After some awkward moves, people took to Twitter and shared Ricky Gervais’ hilarious dance from the 2001 BBC Sitcom saying Will’s Dancing.

While joking that dance was criminal, others pleaded to stop him from dancing. However, many others loved his dance and described him as a free spirit.

Lana Jenkins Awkward Chat With Will Young

Besides the skirt-ripping incident, there are many other things that viewers found awkward.

For instance, Lana Jenkins’ awkward chat with Will Young in the previous week’s episode is a topic of discussion.

After the coupling on 17 January, Will was the only single in the villa. Thus, without wasting time, he went on to chat with Lana by the pool.

However, Jenkins easily friend-zoned the farmer.

Lana Jenkins’ Awkward Smile Ahead Of Tonight’s Recoupling

As Spencer and Ellie joined Love Island recently, there will be recoupling tonight. The show released a first-look clip where viewers spotted Lana smiling awkwardly.

Lana Jenkins So Awkward
Lana Jenkins’ awkward smile before recoupling scared the Love Island viewers. (Image Source: The Sun)

Many people can tell the reason for the makeup artist’s awkward smile. While speculating, one social media user said Ellie would choose either Ron or Will. But the Love Island viewer also said that Lana’s smile scares her.

Another user also predicted that Spencer would choose either Lana or Zara. A third person wrote, “Ellie might pick Will or Ron, and Spencer might pick Olivia.”

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