Will Friend Net Worth At Death And Illness: How Did The Bisnow CEO Die? At death, the CEO of the multi-platform digital media company Bisnow Media is expected to have a net worth of about $10 million. His actual earnings are not disclosed to the public, though.

Bevin Prince, a well-known One Tree Hill actress, is married to Will. They got married five years ago. The CEO of Bisnow has established himself as one of the industry’s most potent figures. Since his sudden passing, Will has attracted a lot of attention.

Will Friend Net Worth At Death And Illness: How Did The Bisnow CEO Die? Career Details

Will Friend Net Worth At Death And Illness

Will Friend’s net worth was approximately $10 million at the time of his demise. Since he has not published his earnings details, his actual income is still to be revealed.

Various reports confirm that the head of Bisnow, Will Friend, was hit by lightning while traveling on a boat in North Carolina, near Masonboro Island. The unbelievable death of a young entrepreneur has become a hot topic in the media. Additional information on his illness is unavailable, and it can be assumed that he has not suffered from any illness.

How Did The Bisnow CEO Die?

The Bisnow CEO departed his life due to the lightning strike. As per the statement of WECT News, he was on the boat when the incident happened, and he was struck by lightning. The rescue team approached him and brought him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he was found dead inside the ambulance, some sources revealed.

Bisnow Media is one of the most prominent digital media companies and has been doing its services for more than 17 years. This company focuses on producing news and live events in 27 metropolitan markets around the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. With a subscriber base of over 600,000, Bisnow has become the most comprehensive producer of commercial real estate news and events.

Moreover, Will had such a real personality that he made his family his main priority. He was fond of exploring new things, concentrated on data-driven decision-making, and provided a return on investment for Bisnow’s clients. His co-operation has led the Bisnow towards the unbeaten path.

Will Friend Career Details

Will was born in the U.K. but had always imagined himself living a high life in the USA. He felt everything was possible in America. His parents were against his decision, so he decided to move to the U.S. without their permission.

Although his career has experienced numerous ups and downs, his commitment to business has made him one of the most prosperous real estate entrepreneurs. After meeting Austin Bisnow, the son of Mark Bisnow, the founder of Bisnow Media, his life drastically changed. His demanding nature impressed the Bisnow family.

Will was the CEO of the Bisnow company for the last seven years
Will was the CEO of the Bisnow company for the last seven years ( Source : Cdn )

After receiving his degree from Dallas Southern Methodist University, he went job hunting. He wrote a letter to Mark Bisnow’s wife, but she misread him and made him feel bad for having the guts to take the time to write it.

Furthermore, he was appointed as the CEO of Bisnow in 2014, and his journey with the company was unforgettable. He will be remembered for his knowledge and genuine dedication to the real estate industry.

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