Youtuber Gad Saad Weight Loss Journey With His Before And After Photos

Youtuber Gad Saad Weight Loss Journey With His Before And After Photos – On the popular podcast Joe Rogan Experience, Gad Saad discussed his weight loss. His quest has piqued the interest of cyber citizens.

Gad Saad, a Lebanese-born Canadian marketing professor at the John Molson School of Business, has been in conversations about his significant weight loss.

Youtuber Gad Saad Weight Loss Journey With His Before And After Photos

After the Joe Rogan podcast segment about him managing his weight aired the other day, he has been trending heavily on the public platform.

He used to be a competitive soccer player and runner, as many of you may remember. Gad is also a YouTube video maker, with over 240k subscribers to his channel.

YouTuber Gad Saad Weight Loss Journey 2022

YouTuber Gad Saad shared his commendable 86 pounds of weight loss in the famous podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The specific video segment from the entire podcast has been trending.

The professor shared his weight loss journey in the podcast while sharing tips for those trying to lose weight. He gave some insights into sustainable weight loss tips.

One of the basic yet most essential parts of losing weight is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. He walks 15 to 20k steps every other day, if not at least 10k steps daily.

Be it brisk walking, running vigorously, or on a treadmill, the YouTuber never fails to keep his body moving which has helped him tremendously in his weight loss journey.

As of now, Saad is 170 pounds, and his heaviest weight is 256 pounds. The notable 86 pounds loss of the professor has become a talk of the interest of the netizens on the web at the moment.

Speaking to Joe Rogan, Gad stated that he feels so light than he used to previously after the weight loss; life has become easier than before in every aspect of his life.

His waist size as of now is 33 after such a significant weight. He disclosed that it had been two and half years he had been walking not less than 10k steps every other day no matter what.

Saad also is grateful for his wife, who keeps track of his calories. Hence, it has facilitated him in shedding the calories, for she is there to remind him every day.

He doesn’t weigh every other day but once a week to keep himself on track. At the same time, stating that he also expressed his thoughts that weight loss isn’t an overnight thing, but it is a process.

The process must be trusted, and we need to remove the “all or nothing” mindset, said Gad Saad on the podcast. If anyone is doing better than yesterday, they are already winning.

Before And After Weight Loss Photos Of Gad Saad

Professor Gad Saad’s before and after photos are being searched and compared after the Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring Gad Saad’s weight loss aired on May 11, 2022.

If his photos are compared, he did in fact, lose a significant weight successfully with a healthy diet and workout. His weight loss has become an inspiration for many individuals.

Before sharing his recent weight loss experience, Saad has already unveiled his diet and journey on his own YouTube channel on January 24, 2021, and August 31, 2021.

Gad Saad 86 Pound Weight Maintainance Diet And Work Out Plan

Talking about Gad Saad’s 86 Pound weight maintenance diet And workout plan, the marketing professor stated that perseverance is the major key to the success of the journey.

Saad skipped his breakfast, and he had roughly 400- 500 calorie meals for his lunch and dinner. His meals comprised more protein, especially fish, vegetables, and 100-calorie snacks.

His typical daily intake is 1400- 1600 calories, while he has a stationary bike at home, a treadmill, and an elliptical at his house for workouts.

Above all, Saad makes sure to walk at least 10k steps a day. He doesn’t follow crash diets but healthily lost calories with workouts and a healthy diet.

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