What is Teddi Mellencamp Diet? Weight Loss -Did She Lose 80 Lbs? Before And After Photos

What is Teddi Mellencamp Diet? – Teddi Mellencamp of RHBH stunned her followers when she revealed a new before-and-after shot of her 80-pound weight loss.

Teddi Mellencamp is a self-described “accountability coach,” as well as a television star and actor. Her debut on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills catapulted her into the spotlight (RHBH).

What is Teddi Mellencamp Diet? Weight Loss -Did She Lose 80 Lbs? Before And After Photos

Mellencamp is also the founder and owner of the lifestyle and fitness company “All In by Teddi.” She was recently seen on Celebrity Big Brother (season 3) but was ousted.

Teddi Mellencamp is also known for hosting Teddi Tea Pod, a weekly podcast that covers current events, trends, entertainment, and family life.


What is Teddi Mellencamp Diet? Weight Loss

This 2-week introductory program claims to provide a full detox and help you reconfigure your lifestyle. Clients are paired with coaches who tell them what to eat and how much to exercise.

The Jumpstart program is completely vegetarian and free of dairy and alcohol. The website claims that its meal plan provides 1,100–1,200 calories per day and requires 60 minutes of exercise 7 days per week, including jogging and spinning.

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Although conversations between ALL IN coaches and clients are meant to be confidential, former clients have shared screenshots of concerning messages and suggested meal plans that provide far fewer than 1,100–1,200 calories.

The Jumpstart program costs $599, which breaks down to $39.90 per day.


Teddi Mellencamp’s Weight Loss – Did She Lose 80 Lbs?

Yes, Teddi Mellencamp loses 80 Lbs weight after balancing her food intake and living a healthy lifestyle. She keeps updating her well-wishers about her weight loss journey through her Instagram handle.

Teddi Mellencamp, the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is a health and wellness coach when she’s not on the show. She not only preaches what she preaches, but she has also undergone a health and fitness makeover.

Mellencamp told Women’s Health how she gained 80 pounds in a year after relocating to California and starting a demanding career. She had been yo-yo dieting for years; however, she still struggled with her weight after becoming a mother.

The 40-year-old stated she soon realized she needed to take responsibility for what she ate and did, so the actress began recording her health journey on Instagram.

According to the “All In By Teddi” website, she uses everything she’s learned in her accountability program to assist clients “learn how to balance and live a healthy lifestyle” in order to attain their desired weight.

Teddi Mellencamp Before & After Weight Los Photos On Instagram


Teddi Mellencamp, the founder of the life coaching firm “All In By Teddi,” recently posted some before and after photos on Instagram, along with an inspiring caption. 

Sharing the photographs, she explained, “These photos show a distinction between the physical me a year post-Cruz vs. post-Dove. My marriage was on the rocks, I had lost sight of my dreams and felt I had no purpose. I didn’t feel anything was worth the fight.”

She further wrote, “I had fooled myself into believing my destiny was to be sad and alone no matter the circumstance. But then something clicked- I recommitted to myself and stopped looking for approval from my family and friends. I was working; work that continues to this day.”

Teddi Mellencamp has been quite candid about her weight-loss journey, as well as the fact that she completely changed her diet and workout routine four years ago.

Where Is Teddi Mellencamp From?

Tedd Mellencamp is originally from Bloomington, Indiana, and holds American citizenship. But, she grew up in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Mellencamp has been actively serving her television career since 2017 and has appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ eight, nine, and ten seasons.

Nonetheless, Edwin Arroyave, the CEO of a security firm, is Mellencamp’s beloved husband. Cruz is the couple’s son, while Slate and Dove are their two daughters.