Georgia Cop Indicted for Neglecting to Investigate Half Brother as Murder Suspect

Report Georgia Cop Indicted for Neglecting to Investigate Half Brother as Murder Suspect – In a case that has drawn significant attention, a former Griffin Police Department officer, D’Marquivius Jamon “DJ” King, has been indicted for violating his oath of office, more than a year after he was accused of failing to properly investigate a murder in which his brother was the suspect. The incident unfolded in May 2021, when Javarreis Reid was found shot multiple times in a residential area of Griffin, Georgia. The investigation into Reid’s murder was led by D.J. King, who was tasked with the case but failed to disclose a critical piece of information: his brother, Damon Beck, was a suspect in the murder. The Spalding County grand jury accused D’Marquivius “D.J.” King, 25, on one felony count of violation of oath by a public officer, WXIA reported.

Georgia Cop Indicted for Neglecting to Investigate Half Brother as Murder Suspect
Georgia Cop Indicted for Neglecting to Investigate Half Brother as Murder Suspect

Key Facts:

  • D’Marquivius “D.J.” King was indicted for failing to investigate his half brother, Damon Beck, as a suspect in a murder he was assigned to investigate, highlighting the ethical dilemmas and potential for conflict of interest in law enforcement.
  • King received a written reprimand in November 2021 for not disclosing the conflict of interest and not listing Beck as a suspect in his documentation.
  • The GBI’s investigation led to King losing his job, and District Attorney Broder disallowed any further testimony by King in court due to egregious policy violations.
  • Griffin Police Chief Mike Yates was placed on administrative leave and later resigned, with Yates defending his department’s actions and emphasizing that King’s issues were related to poor documentation rather than any wrongdoing on his part.

The investigation into the murder of Javarreis Reid was marked by a series of events that highlight the complexities of law enforcement and the potential for conflicts of interest. King, who had been with the Griffin Police Department since 2017, was assigned to the case. However, it was later discovered that King’s brother, Damon Beck, was involved in the murder. This revelation led to a conflict of interest, as King was tasked with investigating a crime in which his brother was a suspect. Despite this, King did not disclose this information to his superiors or include Beck as a suspect in any documentation related to the case.

The case took a turn when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was summoned to investigate the handling of the case. This move was prompted by concerns about the integrity of the investigation process, particularly regarding the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest. The GBI’s investigation into King’s conduct and the department’s handling of the case remained open, with the criminal investigation into the murder itself also ongoing. Beck was eventually arrested in 2023, charged with murder and aggravated assault, along with two other suspects. At the time of his arrest, Beck was held in the Spalding County jail on a $750,000 bond.

The investigation into King’s conduct led to his resignation from the Griffin Police Department in February 2023, following his administrative leave. King’s resignation came after the GBI’s investigation had uncovered policy violations committed by King and the department’s leader, Chief Michael Yates. The district attorney’s office decided to present the case to a Spalding County Grand Jury, which met on January 11, 2024, to review the evidence gathered by the GBI.

The case has raised questions about the integrity of law enforcement and the potential for conflicts of interest to compromise investigations. It has also highlighted the importance of transparency and adherence to ethical standards within law enforcement agencies. The outcome of the grand jury’s review and the potential legal consequences for King and the department’s leadership remain to be seen, but the case serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in ensuring the fair and unbiased investigation of crimes.

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