Shawn Dickerson Missing Rainbow Family: What Happened To Him? Reddit Community Discusses Shawn Dickerson Missing From The Rainbow Family

Shawn Dickerson Missing Rainbow Family: Shawn Dickerson has gone missing, and his family has yet to find him. What was the matter with him? I’m curious as to where he is right now. You will learn more about the 23-year-old who has gone missing in this piece.

Shawn Dickerson, a 23-year-old San Francisco resident, has been missing since December 2, 2011. After leaving his residence and informing his housemates that he was late for work, he vanished.

Shawn Dickerson Missing Rainbow Family: What Happened To Him? Reddit Community Discusses Shawn Dickerson Missing From The Rainbow Family

Dickerson started working at Rolo’s on December 1, 2011, and shortly after, he met with his employer for a performance evaluation. He received his settlement in cash because he did not have a bank account.

He also went home after leaving the store for lunch at 1:00 p.m. When he failed to return to finish his assignment later that day, his manager became concerned. He then left a slew of unanswered messages on his phone. Continue reading to find out more.

Reddit: Shawn Dickerson Missing From The Rainbow Family

Shawn Dickerson, the Rainbow Family’s missing member, eventually responded at 11:30 p.m. to apologize to his supervisor.

His boss, on the other hand, threatened to fire him if he didn’t show up for work. After his conversation with his employer, he stayed up until 4:00 a.m. talking with two of his housemates.

On December 2, 2011, he arose about 11:00 a.m. and raced out the door, alerting his roommates that he was late for work. At 11:30 a.m., he was last seen leaving his home on Bartlett and 22nd Street.

Dickerson failed to show up for work that day and has not been heard from since. On December 6, 2011, his friends and family filed a missing person report with the San Francisco Police Department after they were unable to contact him.

What Happened To Shawn Dickerson?

Shawn Dickerson kept all of his personal belongings in his room, including his clothes, sunglasses, and an extra set of keys. A month before he vanished, he had misplaced his identity.

His phone records and social media accounts show no activity since his abduction. On the day he went missing, about 1:14 a.m., Dickerson made his last phone call to a close neighbor as he headed back to his apartment.

Dickerson was never diagnosed with a mental disorder, but his family and friends suspected he was autistic or had Asperger’s syndrome because of his tendency to lose touch with reality.

What is Shawn Dickerson’s current location?

Police investigated Shawn Dickerson’s disappearance, but no evidence, tactics, or motivation for foul play have been revealed as of today.

Shawn Dickerson has been classified as a missing adult who has gone missing voluntarily. His disappearance is still being investigated, and his case remains unsolved. His case is still unsolved.

If you have any information about Shawn Tyler Dickerson’s disappearance, police ask that you contact the San Francisco Police Department at (415) 558-5508.

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